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1. 0 Introduction
1. 1 Purpose
The purpose of this research is to analyze the feasibleness of implementing free metropolis coach siting plan. whether it is sensible to be implemented in metropoliss around Malaysia. This will affect look intoing current coach services in towns and their strengths and failings. and therefore infering the ultimate feasibleness of such plan. This study will entree the advantage and disadvantage of the current coach service and free metropolis coach service.

Free metropolis coach drive is a plan that provides the populace a free coach service merely like GOKL which is meant to function the Kuala Lumpur Central Business District. with specified paths around the town. Free metropolis coach service provides free conveyance to local people and even the tourers. However. this free metropolis coach siting service presently is still an under-consideration plan has yet to be implemented in all metropoliss around Malaysia. This is because the restraint to implementing this free metropolis coach siting plan is whether it has more advantages than the disadvantages compared to the current coach service in town.

2. 0 Comparison: The current coach service and free metropolis coach service. 2. 1 CONDITION OF THE ROAD
The status of route congestion will be improved because particular lanes will be provided for those free metropolis coachs to guarantee their smooth flow. Therefore. we can avoid traffic jam during choice hours which may do the hold of coach agenda. In contrast. the current coach service has non been provided with these particular lanes. Hence. this would add to the congestion on the route instead than easing the traffic flow.

The free metropolis coach plan acts as a scheme to promote the use of public conveyance service. The free metropolis coach provides a broad web of connexion
between one finish to another finish within the town every bit good as some roundabout paths are good chosen as a tourer landmark in the metropolis centre. This indirectly increases the income of the state as we can pull more tourers and at the same clip keep the use between the private vehicles and the public conveyance. On the contrary. the failure of current coach service among the populace is caused by the hapless networking within the town. The citizens instead use their ain vehicles than public conveyance. Consequently. the increasing figure of vehicles on the route will in bend lead to higher rate of traffic accidents.

Execution of this plan could work out the affair of long period of working hr. The free metropolis coach plan is a systematic plan that implements the occupation rotary motion to cut down the working hours of the coach driver. Hence. this could assist to diminish the rate of unemployment as this plan needs more coach driver. On the other manus. the current coach service still implements the old manner regulation which the working hours of drivers exceed 8 hours per twenty-four hours. Decidedly. this does non follow with the labour regulations and ordinance. This affair has caused a crisp addition in coach driver ailments due to drawn-out work and consequence in staff turnover.

3. 0 Decision
Free metropolis coach siting plan is better and brings more advantages to citizens compared to the current coach service. Overall. this plan has three chief advantages. First. it helps to cut down the route congestion and traffic accidents. Second. it helps to promote the public conveyance use. Third. it is more systematic and has proper work agenda for drivers compared to the current coach service.

4. 0 Recommendation
After considerations. I would urge that we can collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism to establish this plan nationally and non restrict to certain provinces merely. By making this. it can assist to advance touristry because we have opportunities to present the interesting topographic points and delightful Malayan culinary art all around the metropoliss to metropolis coach riders. Besides that. we can
adorn the wall of free metropolis coach with travel postings and set some booklets and metropolis maps in the coach as tourers guide. As a consequence. we can increase our national income every bit good as our nation’s image. This is because this plan brings a batch of convenience to people particularly tourers who are non familiar with the paths in our state.