Genetically Modified Food is bad Essay

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Genetically Modified Food is bad Essay

The argument on whether genetically modified nutrients are safe for human ingestion is marked with contention in the political. societal. academic. and economic foreparts of our community. Advocates of genetically modified nutrients claim that it is the lone feasible solution to the nutrient insecurity job that is high in the planetary community ( Roth. 2000 ) . Some scientific research findings have claimed that genetically modified nutrients have significant degrees of safety for human ingestion. Nevertheless. the long term wellness safety of genetically modified nutrients has ne’er been confirmed ( Atherton. 2002 ) .

Despite the legion claims made by advocates of genetically modified nutrients. there has been non concrete grounds to measure up such claim. a factor that makes ingestion of such nutrients a hazard to the human wellness. Genetically modified nutrients have been obviously closely associated with some long term wellness complications ( Atherton. 2002 ) . Harmonizing to available statistical grounds. the planetary community is witnessing an addition in the happenings of terminal diseases such as fleshiness.

This tendency has been closely attributed to the of all time increasing use of genetically modified nutrients in the community ( Roth. 2000 ) . Records have shown that 1000s of 1000s of Americans have fallen victims of fleshiness. Indeed. this wellness job has become an issue of national concern in the American society. Harmonizing to scientist. the job has been escalated by the common tendencies of Americans in utilizing fast nutrients. This is because. such nutrients lack fiber constituents. which are important to the human organic structure.

Another ground given is that such nutrients contain high degrees of energy. which are normally non necessary to the organic structure. Therefore. genetically modified nutrients are no uncertainty a taking cause of the increasing Numberss of corpulent people in the community. Although legion scientific research happening claim significant wellness safety for the ingestion of genetically modified nutrients. no hunt has been conducted to measure up the possible long term wellness hazard brought by such nutrients ( Karlsson. 2003 ) .

It has been established that cistron alteration can ensue into wholly different type of cistron whose impact in the human organic structure can non be predicted. Based on this concluding it is certain that genetically modified nutrients can non be claimed safe unless sufficient research has been conducted. Still on the inquiry of safety is the fact that modified cistrons are normally made utilizing denaturized toxins. which serve to do the nutrients more robust to infections ( Roth. 2000 ) .

Harmonizing to scientific claims. these toxins are in kernel toxicant to the human organic structure cells upon long term accretion ( Roth. 2000 ) . In fact this is what has been identified as possible allergens in genetically modified nutrients which make some people susceptible to their ingestion. In decision therefore. genetically modified nutrients are a possible hazard to the sustainable wellness of the human community. We are no uncertainty sing the impact such have from the of all time increasing unwellnesss such as instances of fleshiness in the community.

Since the inquiry of the long term safety of these nutrients to the human organic structure are significantly high. biotechnology merchandises should be regarded as an issue of concern for the long term societal and economic development of the community. Just as is justly claimed. with the available natural resources and modern technological promotions. the universe is capable of providing its population with sufficient nutrient ( Roth. 2000 ) . Therefore. any claim of genetically modified nutrients being the lone solution to the universe nutrient security is misdirecting.

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