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Giuseppe Verdi


10. October – This is not only the birthday date of Giuseppe Verdi, the famous composer, it is also the birth of a person who is one of the most important persons in my life: My son James Although the pregnancy was a culinary experience from pickles with Nutella to eggs with ketchup, I was so happy to hold my second child in my arms. The whole family was full of joy to be a family member richer.

His sister, who is three years older than him, had even more pleasure with James to have a playmate now. She carried him around and let him do what she wanted him to do. But James had not only his sister to play, he had also a few friends in the neighbourhood. Lukas, Christopher, Felix, Celina and of course his sister Lisa played a lot in the woods and meadows around our small farm. One of James?s favourite activities was to help his grandparents to feed and care of the chicken, pigs, rabbits and cats.

At the age of three James started to go to the kindergarten. On his first day it was a great tragedy for him to say good bye to all of our animals although it was only for a few hours. But after a couple of days he became familiar with his kindergarten friends and since then he was glad to be there.

The time passed by so quickly and my small boy was six and started to go to primary school in Gutau. Luckily this was not such a tragedy because all of his kindergarten friends also moved to school. James was in principle very interested in school, but the only subject which he didn?t like was art and handicrafts. In all other subjects he was rather good, but in these two subjects he always angered the teachers because he refused to work.