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Globus Report Essay

The aim of this Globus game is to run a company in the existent environment which is we will vie with other companies. On this simulation I am going co-manager of a camera industry. All of the company have two merchandises in the market which is Entry degree camera and multi featured camera. And the market country is divided into 4 part which is:

1. North America 2. Europe-Africa 3. Asia Pacific 4. Latin America.

One group have 3 members. and in my concern simulation we got 8 different companies. Each company has to run the camera concern every hebdomad. one hebdomad in existent life is represent 1 twelvemonth in the simulation for a back-to-back 10 hebdomads. The ultimate end for all the companies is to rule the market of the cameras industry. the best camera company in the industry is to acquire the mark that give by the investor outlooks. deriving the most market portion and image evaluation and keeping a good recognition evaluation.

My Accomplishments

By making the practical concern game with my group member. I had to be able to analyze the concern every twelvemonth. what the schemes I have to make. and how to acquire high dividend and investor outlook. By making this procedure I can to the full understand what go oning with this industries and how to better this concern. . These sort of things allow me to understand construct in the industry and develop a scheme to win the competition within the industry. By sing this practical concern game I have learn about concern direction. get downing from production cost. selling. advertisement. selling. mark market. transporting labour forces. fiscal determination. and concern program. all of this elements will impact the concern public presentation. On this game I besides learn from the compotetion btween the company in this industries. Every individual company have a different schemes to rule the industry. All the schemes is depend on the current state of affairs and mark market. and the competition is on all the clip because the compotitors I ever find the new schemes to get the better of our company. so we need to come up with new schemes.

My New Transferable Skills:

Contemplation 1 Context:

On the first hebdomad of the Globus game we were seeking to alter the determination entry as what we did in the Globus pattern utilizing on our knoledege about concern menegement Triping Experience: With deficiency of cognition that we got on the first twelvemonth consequence is under the investor outlook. eventhough we tried so difficult to make this determination entries. Belief: We failed to believe that with our deficiency of cognition our first twelvemonth consequences is unsatisfy. . it is do our companies is behind other companies. Consequence: Other companies executing good on the first twelvemonth so our company is one measure behind. Our consequences for EPS. ROE and image evaluation is so much behind others companies. So it is difficult for us to trail the other companies that executing beyond our companies every bit good as none of our group member truly understand about concern. Dispute: I have learn that when you make your company you need to understand everything about it from the market. concern pla and etc. Because first twelvemonth is the most important for your concern to see the chance of your concern. so you need to larn before you do it.

Contemplation 2

Context: Our group have develop different schemes every twelvemonth Triping Experience: We are seeking to make the schemes to acquire more net income on that twelvemonth and didn’t planning for the coming tyears Belief: We failed to belief that our schemes is failed because we didn’t see the state of affairs of the market and we didn’t be aftering good for the coming old ages like guarantee I s the most issues of our comapny Consequence: Our consequence is dropped every because we have no analyse market and our bad planning for the hereafter. so until the really terminal of the twelvemonth we still have outstanding loans Dispute: I learned that it is truly of import to research about he aim market and the planning of future concern.

Contemplation 3:

Context: We ever change our p/q evaluation every twelvemonth Triping Experience: we ever change our p/q evaluation to be the same as the taking companies. trusting that we can vie with them Belief: We failed to believe we didn’t take our p/q evaluation since the first twelvemonth. by altering the p/q evaluation every twelvemonth it boost our market portion and kick us out of the competition. because we don’t take the mark market of our companies. which is ever changed every twelvemonth Consequence: Our companies rank is dropping until it aalmost the last place. and we have no mark market Dispute: I have learn that I cant use other company schemes. but I have to happen the new schemes that can crush them in theyre market. And I would do certain to develop my ain schemes to take against other companies.

My personal growing and womb-to-tomb acquisition

Contemplation 1


For some of the hebdomad our globus group couldnot concentrate on globus game Activating Experience: The Globus squad unsatisfy with the consequence that non stable. and we didn’t do good on some of the twelvemonth Belief: I failed to believe that because 1 didn’t stay focus to make the globus simulation game. Consequences: Our company hold a bad start and the consequence in the in-between twelvemonth is falling down. we keep losing point every twelvemonth until it reah the extremum and our company made a loss. The biggest error was that we did non understand the game wholly and this made us endure for the beginning of the old ages. Dispute: I would wish to wholly understand on how to run the company and be able to make full analysis and research in the industry. And the most of import thing to run the concern is to maintain focal point to run the concern to do a succesfull concern

Contemplation 2

Context: In all of the group meeting. we as the co-managers. had agreed on the determination to take and make the Glo-bus together. Triping Experience: During the really last proceedingss of before twelvemonth 11 or 12 determination was due. one of the co-managers changed the determination and we were non informed about that. Belief: I failed to believe that we all had agreed on all the determinations we had come in group meeting and cipher would alter any determination without any consent from other co-managers. Consequences: Our company was in the 2nd last place due to the loss that we got. The co-manager decided to significantly take down the monetary value to derive more market portion. but in the terminal the determination was against us. Dispute: I would ne’er allow my squad member to make that anymore. Since so. I learned that I had to look into all the determination entries merely before it was due to do certain everything was all right and harmonizing to what we agreed in the group meeting. I learned that this sort of action could be fatal and as a consequence. it would be difficult to pull off the net incomes twelvemonth after.

Contemplation 3

Context: After twosome of hebdomads of difficult clip. we had to sit down together. portion thoughts and run the Globus game together to do certain we truly understand Globus. Triping Experience: We had to analyze the competition in our industry and think many possible schemes to counter our rivals. Belief: I believed that as co-managers. we had to wholly understand Globus and do certain that everyone in the squad truly understood what was go oning since this was the best manner to run the company. Consequences: We managed to resile back at the terminal. Our place kept increasing every twelvemonth up to 5th place which was non that good for the advancement of the company. In the terminal. with everyone sharing their sentiments and thoughts. we managed to travel as one squad to assist the company that was already in a bad place due to bad public presentations from old old ages. Dispute: I learned that by acquiring together as a group and shared cognition and analysed the industry together. we could pull off to be the best really.

Contemplation 4

Context: After our company had bounced back. we had to maintain making our scheme so that our company could acquire better. Triping Experience: We had to make analysis every hebdomad carefully to see what the best chance and scheme to take. Belief: We believed that by making analysis every hebdomad. we could keep our place. Consequences: Our company was acquiring better every twelvemonth onwards since twelvemonth 12 and 13. This was because we had understood on how to play the game. We did analysis and research every hebdomad to happen out what scheme we could implement. Dispute: I learned that by wholly understand the game. the game was really interesting. Now I know how concern works in existent life. Everything was related with another and each determination was truly of import.