Go Ask Alice 2 Essay Research Paper

Go Ask Alice 2 Essay, Research Paper

Go Ask Alice!

Alice is 15, white, in-between, category. She diets, she dates. She loves Roger but the most clip he doesn t notice her. If she would of all time kip with a male child she would kip with him. Alice hates her expression. She wants to be reasonably and slender. Recently she loses captivation about all things. School is deadening and she doesn t even go to parties.

Her parents want to travel. Her Dad is invited to go the Dean of the Political Science at & # 8211 ; . Alice is happy and is non difficult for her to go forth the old school. But she misses her old house and her grandparents who she calls gramp and nan. Alice has a brother called Tim and a sister Alexandria. The two are younger than Alice. At her new school it is atrocious for her. Cipher speaks to her the first yearss. but her brother and sister like the new school. Finally she finds a friend at school. Her name is Gerda, but Alice s female parent and male parent Don T like her. Alice doesn t feel happy in her household. She hates his sister and her brother more than she loves them. Tim is unbearable and her female parent is invariably Peking at her. Alice gets to cognize Beth Baum. Beth is Judaic and her male parent is a physician. Her female parent nags a batch. Alice s parents like Beth, because she is pretty nice. In the vacations Beth goes on a summer cantonment for six hebdomads and Alice corsets at her nans.

One twenty-four hours she meets Jill Peters and she invites her for a party. Alice doesn Ts like taking drugs. She wants to halt it and to travel place, but her grandfather has a small bosom & # 8211 ; onslaught and Alice has to assist her grandmother. Alice buzzword Tell her parents why she wants to go forth her nans so she has to remain. In the vacations she sees Roger. She feels strange after she has slept with Bill. Alice takes pills to experience better. She feels atrocious and tired. She is afraid of being pregnant but than her period starts.

Beth comes place from cantonment, but she is barely the same the same individual and she met some Judaic dorks, that she s traveling with.

Alice feels lonely but Roger writes her some letters. Alice gets to cognize Chris

Chris takes drugs excessively and she works in a store where are the flippiest apparels are sold. Chris has a fellow named Ted and Alice gets to cognize Richie. Alice and Chris want to travel to San Francisco and to look for occupations. Alice loves her household and she wants to go forth them, because she doesn T want to cognize them which individual she is. At first its pretty horrible in San Francisco. Their ( level ) stiffing small one room flat is dank and moist. They cant happen good occupations. But eventually Alice takes a occupation in some icky small lingerie shop. Chris takes a occupation in the dress shop from Sheila. Sheila is really attra

ctive and the proprietor of the store. Alice gets more homesick every twenty-four hours, but she is afraid of stating Chris. She quiets her occupation and gets a occupation at Mr. Maria Mellani who is really fat and reasonably adult male. Alice adores her occupation and Mellani is like 2nd household

male parent for her. Alice gets to cognize Mr. Mellanis household and for the first clip she feels happy in San Francisco. Sheila has parties about every dark and Chris and Alice are ever invited. At first Alice and Chris enjoy the parties, which are truly fun but so.

December the 3rd.

& # 8230 ; Chris and Alice decide to go forth this screwed up some. The two misss find their new place stopping point to Berkeley. They work difficult to do the flat looking great. Childs frequently visit Chris and Alice and state their jobs, but the two misss have adequate jobs with their lives.

Alice phones her parents and her household is happy to hear from her. Chris and Alice fly place and both are fetched by their parents. Alice likes life at place and Christmas clip. After holidays its daze at school. Chris and Alice see each other frequently at school but non even one other kid wants to hold contact to Alice. Everyone knows that Alice was a thruster and so they frequently attack her, Lane is a male child who takes drugs and he hunts Alice the worst manner. But in February Lane gets hit. Alice can t stand it at place and so she leaves place once more. She hitch & # 8211 ; tramps to Denver and there she portions a topographic point with a twosome of childs. For a few darks she sleeps in a park, but one twenty-four hours she goes to a nice church where she gets aid. They give her to opportunity to take a shower and she gets clean apparels. She is allowed to take acid at that place. They want her to remain for a few twenty-four hours and so to reach her parents. But they don t allow her to take acerb Alice gets to cognize Doris who gets good friend for her.

Doris is 14 old ages old and she has been taken Drugs since she was 10 old ages old. Her current stepfather started heaving sex with her. One clip, when he hunts her so bad, that her gym & # 8211 ; teacher recognised. She got a new household where her older brothers raped her. Alice lives in the street for some clip, but so she comes home once more.

Everything gets better. She gets to cognize and love Joel. But one twenty-four hours Alice becomes clean and she gets to cognize and love Joel. But one twenty-four hours Alice gets really ill. She has to travel to the State Mental Hospital. She thinks that worms and maggots are creeping on her organic structure, but there are lone hallucinations. After a few hebdomads she becomes All right and she is allowed to travel place. Now she is happy and she wants to populate a happy life with Joel, her household and Fawn.

Three hebdomads subsequently she dies. Her parents find her prevarication on the floor in the kitchen.

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