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Go West Side Essay Research Paper Go

Go West Side! Essay, Research Paper

Go West Side

Friends, module, and familiarities, on this twenty-four hours, I ask you this. Is it incorrect for a pupil to hearten against his or her ain high school athleticss squad? Before such an easy reply axial rotations to the head of your head, allow me inquire you another inquiry. Can a individual be pushed beyond the bound of his acceptance capacity to hearten for a squad that is non sole to stand for his school, but still promoted to be? Talking as a former and possible hereafter football participant and as a great friend of many of the football participants at North Marion, I can doubtless state that the reply to the latter inquiry is yes. My words are non spoken entirely. Many of my equals feel the same about this issue. North Marion High School is non based on instruction. North Marion High School is non based on equality. North Marion High School is non based on module or pupils. North Marion High School is centered around the & # 8220 ; god-like & # 8221 ; , Godhead, manfully competition most of us have come to cognize as football.

There are over 20 athletic squads, non including the Husky Marching Band. Out of these, I can believe of merely 1 that is praised and gratified to the point of my illness. One of the biggest events on the school calendar is Homecoming. There is no Homecoming for hoops, cheerleading, or path. Then why do we hold such a particular hebdomad in award of football? What makes football any more worthy or different than cross-country, swimming, or softball? Recently, it seems as though our jubilation of Homecoming is marked by how severely Morgantown High annihilates us, 50, 60, 70? The Numberss are ne’er excessively high. Another illustration of the on traveling jubilation of football is frankincenses. These energy-sparking assemblages are purportedly meant to observe squad spirit and encouragement in all athleticss. Has anyone noticed when the bulk of these events

are held? I have. They are held before “big” football games: West Fairmont, East Fairmont, and Morgantown. Can we keep three frankincenses with in a month? I have nil against frankincenses, but isn’t there a regulation to let merely one thuse per month? But hey, I forgot, we’re speaking about the aces, I mean the football participants. This regulation can be flex a small, possibly even broken for them. They need excess encouragement.

Despite the result of any individual game, or should I say any individual loss, our school as a whole either chooses to or is forced to fall to our articulatio genuss and throw praise at this undeserving and over apprehended & # 8220 ; ghost squad & # 8221 ; . The ground I use the term & # 8220 ; ghost squad & # 8221 ; is that our school seems to populate in the yesteryear when it comes to this deceasing athletics of football. North Marion is labeled around the province as & # 8220 ; a football school & # 8221 ; . As far as I & # 8217 ; m concerned, if we are to be labeled as & # 8220 ; a football school & # 8221 ; , so shouldn & # 8217 ; T we have at the least a nice football squad? The participants are non at mistake. They are few in figure and for good ground. I personally blame the coaching staff to be responsible for the diminution and absence of Numberss coming out and/or returning for football. I have dealt with these managers foremost manus. They are hardhearted, barbarous, unjust, and prejudice. When your last name becomes more of import than the accomplishments you possess and what you can make for the squad, that is when you lose regard, and non far behind, participants. The lone job is that alternatively of warning them for this behaviour, we pat them on the dorsum.

So who would fault a individual for heartening against his or her ain high school athleticss squad? When events occur, and buttons are pushed, the Black Marias and heads of certain persons can merely be tarnished to a certain point of obtuseness before dissatisfaction bares its dentitions and person from the North Marion subdivision of the crowd begins to shout, & # 8220 ; Go West Side! & # 8221 ;