God Essay Research Paper Sharon ChongINTPHILDecember 10

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God Essay Research Paper Sharon ChongINTPHILDecember 10

God Essay, Research Paper

Sharon Chong

INTPHILDecember 10, 1999


If you take a expression up out in the sky on a apparently clear dark, attempt and inquire yourself how the stars, the Moon and everything else came to be. Again the inquiry of being takes over your head the same manner it did everyone else & # 8217 ; s old ages ago. How did the universe Begin? What was the cause? Who was the cause?

A twosome of hebdomads ago, I had the most interesting conversation with my brother. Actually, it was more like a aggravated conversation to assist me get down this paper. I asked him, & # 8220 ; Do you believe that there is a God? A God who is said to be Godhead of all things, the one responsible for life and everything that happens to it? A being so mightily and great? & # 8221 ; Of class, like he and any other Catholic would state, & # 8220 ; yes! & # 8221 ; From there I was dying to get down an statement based on what I had learned from the old subjects in my doctrine category on the being of God. I asked him how one can attach himself to such belief based on what others say, what he has heard and from a holy book that was said to hold come from God but dictated by adult male? How could he set all ground of being behind nil he has experienced on his ain but merely what others claim they have? Then a visible radiation shined on me. I was anticipating him to give me grounds that questioned my religion. Alternatively, he casually turned and threw a inquiry back at me. & # 8220 ; Do you believe that there is such a thing as one million dollars? & # 8221 ; I hesitatingly answered, & # 8220 ; yes, & # 8221 ; cognizing what he was coming to. And so he asked me if I have of all time seen one million dollars? I replied, & # 8220 ; no & # 8221 ; . From there I saw his point.

& # 8220 ; What we believe has nil to make with whether God exists. & # 8221 ;

-Daniel Kolak

I was ne’er raised with a solid footing of Christian influence. In fact, I was ne’er made to go to Sunday school where I would be taught the whole kernel of my faith. I did though, travel to mass every Sunday with my household, merely to happen it really amusing how I did non truly cognize or understand anything about the faith. I did non establish my belief on God because of books and conditioned instructions because I was ne’er exposed to any. In truth, I do non establish it on anything at all. I don & # 8217 ; t need to listen to proofs formulated by scientists and philosophers such as St. Thomas Aquinas and his Five Cosmological cogent evidence. I do non necessitate to hear the narrative on how it was said that Jesus Christ saved us all, or about Moses and the Ten Commandments. I don & # 8217 ; Ts know why but I merely do. Wear? T acquire me incorrect, I have non closed my head on this belief about God. I have learned that it is non good to attach our ego to anything and near all doors on other possible thoughts.

& # 8220 ; Bing able to switch points of position is one of the chief accomplishments doctrine has to offer, non so much for the intents of altering our positions, but for the intent of liberating ourselves from fond regard of our ain point of position so that we can truly see and understand other & # 8217 ; s points of view. & # 8221 ;

-Daniel Kolak

This is where the function of your doctrine category came into topographic point. It was more so to enable me to understand the other side and take on another position in hope that I will larn more about the ideals that I believe in.

So why is it that doctrine instructors should be limited and restricted in conformity to the establishment? Why is it that they are treated as a menace to Christianity and the instructions of spiritual schools? When in world, all that these instructors are making is leting their pupils to turn by understanding something at all angles and leting them to believe for themselves. & # 8220 ; ? but they can non harm nor destruct God, if there is a God. & # 8221 ; I took this line right out of the reading for it gave such a large impact. A line that should be posted, for all spiritual trusters who are appalled when an atheist speaks his/her head, to see. Why

are these people so threatened? Can’t their religion withstand the contact? Or is it non strong plenty?

When I heard your talks, read your readings and read my ain selected reading, I came to see the other side of my belief. I saw how a non-believer in Christ would stand by his belief. The lone ground why we are so fixated on believing that there is a God is because we use this belief to explicate the unaccountable. We use them as grounds on why things happen and sometimes set incrimination on the bad things that happen to do them more easy to accept. Harmonizing to people, God is the beginning and the moral centre of society and that if there was no God society will fall apart. The system is kept in order by the Divine Theory on what is considered right or incorrect. Without it, there would be a clang of thoughts and entire pandemonium would happen.

If there truly was a God, than it means that God created the universe and like an writer, controls everything that happens in the narrative. He was able to take the clip to carefully be after out the universe and compose the book. He knows what will go on and the result of each event. God is able to realize this universe from the many other universes he could hold come up with. Why is it though, that despite the fact that God knows the result of each event still chose to follow with the universe we live in now. For illustration, harmonizing to Kolak in the book, & # 8220 ; In Search of God & # 8221 ; , if God knew that Adam was traveling to eat the apple that would reprobate the remainder of the universe to penalty, why didn? T he do it so that Adam decides non to eat the apple? If God has control over all of this than why would he take a universe which he did non O.K. of?

Possibly, God chose the things that happened to reason that he wanted to learn the people because like everyone ever says, & # 8220 ; God works in cryptic ways & # 8221 ; . So why is it that God, to work in such cryptic ways, have to do so much agonies? Where was God when 1000s of people would decease every twelvemonth because of natural catastrophes and diseases? Where is God when guiltless people are victims of enduring slow and painful deceases?

When I was exposed to Zen Buddhism, I was intrigued by its peaceableness. It was likely the most out of the six points that struck me the most. The 1 that I would love to farther explore and investigate. It is like being in the centre of all existences and prevails over all faiths. The idea of liberating the head from all obstructions and divisions to merely populate at peace and non oppugn why things are the manner they are seems intriguing. Possibly, subsequently on, I will.

I have opened my head to all penetrations and took in consideration the possible grounds that would pull me off from my belief. Though the inquiry if God truly does be has nil to make with what I believe. I have come to recognize that throughout the old ages I have believed in him without any sufficient footing or cognition of the faith and I still will go on on believing despite the statements that I have been exposed to. Whether or non he exists, does non count to me. He can either be or non be and yet I will still believe. I believe that there is such a thing as one million dollars. Though, I have non experienced it, I do believe that there is.

& # 8220 ; To see is non to believe. & # 8221 ;

-Immanuel Kant

The following clip you ask yourself how the universe began? What caused it? And who caused it? Don? t strive to look for empirical groundss to find if a God truly does be. If you do so, it will be a ceaseless hunt without an reply. Alternatively, take a way that will pave for you a way in life. Whether or non God does be, I choose to believe non because of sensible justification but because with this belief, it gives us something to look frontward to even in the worst state of affairss. Society is given a sense of hope that life will go better for all.