Godfather Essay Research Paper Mario Puzos

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Godfather Essay Research Paper Mario Puzos

Godfather Essay, Research Paper

Mario Puzo? s “ The Godfather ” was the first and most influential mobster film that paved the manner for mobster films of the hereafter. The film was directed by Frances Ford Copolla, who made many different clever ways to portray this mobster classic. The film was a really insurgent film, and one of the first of all time.The Godfather has a many different utilizations of light scenes through the whole film, in which the film can be interpreted on.

The lighting in “ The Godfather, ” is really subdued and is frequently said to be compared with a Rembrant. The illuming suggest many things throughout the movie like a picture. The light scenes in the film are to portray the Corleone household as good people, person you could associate to non look down upon. Such as the nuptials scene. The scene is really happy and bright, to do you get down off to believe that the Corleone? s are loving household, and household minded people. The dim visible radiation in the movie is used to bring on fright and decease. Such as the scene where Don Corleone gets changeable, or when Mike is traveling to kill the two people in the eating house. The scene that contradicts the lighting theory is the bosom onslaught of Don Corleone, but it could be look at as a happy clip, a clip of metempsychosis, Michael? s coming into power.

“ The Godfather, ” shows a enormous sum of household values throughout the movie. I think the best line in the movie is when Don says to Mike “ A adult male who does non pass clip with his household is non a adult male. ” A good illustration of the Corleone? s household values is taking Tommy off the streets and into their place to handle as one of their ain. Another illustration is when Sunny beats up Conny? s hubby for mistreating her. The most perfect illustration of their household Virginia

syphiliss is when Don comes place from the Hospital and the household ahs a large dinner, and they do non speak concern at the tabular array. When the Family is look on as a regular household as you get drawn in, you so see surprisingly and impolitely awakened to the violent deaths of the film.

The manager of the film ( Frances Ford Copolla ) has a really good usage of collage, and long shootings. Capolla starts off the film with an extrodonary shooting of an mortician stating “ this is America. ” Which gives a glance of how stalking the movie is traveling to be? A good usage of long shootings is perfect when the camera pans around the long shooting as Mikey takes on the duty of acquiring retaliation for his male parents hiting. Besides a good illustration of Copolla? s long shootings is when the movie is about to stop and there is a shooting of Diane Keaton looking so guiltless and truly cognizing nil of the household concern. In the movie, collage is used in the baptism scene. The shootings cut when all the extremely spiritual inquiries are asked of Mike, and so the shootings start cutting back in Forth from the violent deaths of the caput? s of the other top five household? s and the baptism, portraying microphone as a altering individual ( a God adult male to an evil one. )

The music of “ The Godfather, ” is really persistent and chilling at times, but besides takes on a folklore type of subject. I think the music is typical for this type of movie, but it does lend a batch to the household values subject.

“ The Godfather, ” the rubric leads toward the subject of the whole film. Like in the film, a Godfather is a rubric of extreme regard, and that individual deserves it. The top male parent in other words. The adult male you go to for aid, and council. Some people say it? s a newer Grecian calamity. It sums up and begins the whole film, it is a great rubric.