Good Grades Essay Research Paper Are people

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Good Grades Essay Research Paper Are people

Good Grades Essay, Research Paper

Are people who get good classs and/or who get high tonss on trials more intelligent than those who do non?

Can we merely distinguish people who get good classs and/or high tonss on trials are more intelligent than those who do non acquire good classs? I steadfastly believe that it is non just to judge people who get good classs are more intelligent than those who do non. Test tonss are non a just judgement to separate one & # 8217 ; s intelligence. Test tonss can non demo the existent intelligence of an person.

We should see the undermentioned factors that can impact an single & # 8217 ; s public presentation on trials. First of all, physical status of the trial participant. For illustration, if the participant is ill on the trial twenty-four hours, we will non anticipate he/she will execute good on the trial. Second, the mental status of the person and the individual & # 8217 ; s emotional status can impact the trial consequences every bit good. See the trial participant merely broke up with his girlfriend or her fellow. He or she will non be able to concentrate on the trial, so he or she will ensue in having bad classs. Another illustration is person died in household. The trial individual is non possible to make his/her best during the trial. The emotion of the individual is the factor that will impact the public presentation on trials the most. Environment is another factor that will impact the public presentation of the trial participant. There possibly some upseting noise or the trial locale is excessively hot/cold for him/her while he/she is taking the trial. These environmental factors can straight impact one & # 8217 ; s public presentation on trial.

For academic trials, people who are intelligent ( in existent state of affairs ) may non analyze for the trial, so the consequence are worse than the people who may pass three to five yearss to analyze for that peculiar trial. Peoples who spend more effort/time and analyze difficult are more likely to acquire a better consequence, but it does non reflect he/she is more intelligent than who did non score high.

Everyone is intelligent in some countries but may non be found or discovered yet. A authoritative illustration would be

the auto-repair adult male in the reading. I believe the auto-repair adult male is more intelligent than Isaac Asimov is. Although the mechanic tonss manner lower than Isaac Asimov in trials, at least he can flim-flam Isaac Asimov who has earned a doctor’s degree even though he is non good educated. In this instance who will you state is more intelligent? I will decidedly hold that the auto-repair adult male is more intelligent. So it can turn out that high tonss on trials is non equal to be more intelligent. There is no regulation stating how to measure up to be intelligent. Everyone has strong points while the others do non hold. So it is non just to judge and separate who are more intelligent merely by looking at trial consequences.

Another illustration that can turn out we should non judge an single intelligence by trial consequences is handicapped people. See blind people can take attention themselves. Blind people do all the things like normal people do but without looking at all. They can travel to school themselves, read the books by merely touching the texts, which are specially designed for them. Don & # 8217 ; t you think they are more intelligent than we do since they can non see at all? Let & # 8217 ; s put it this manner: we choose a high mark pupil and blindfold him for merely one twenty-four hours. Make you believe he is able to take attention himself, & # 8220 ; read & # 8221 ; or travel to school? I do non believe so. So do you still believe high tonss and good classs can find who are more intelligent? Obviously, blind people are more intelligent than the high mark pupil. We should non merely looking at the trial consequences and separate he or she is intelligent or non.

In decision, many things or factors can impact one & # 8217 ; s public presentation on trials and trial consequences. Merely by looking at the consequences in order to find one & # 8217 ; s intelligence is non just plenty. We should see the trial participants & # 8217 ; physical and mental status, he or she may non take the trial earnestly which may take the consequences to be non every bit good as they usually get when they are taking the same trial earnestly. Everyone should be intelligent in some countries while the others are non, so we should non judge him/her merely by trial consequences.