Goodman Essay Research Paper Justin WrayEnglish Composition

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Goodman Essay Research Paper Justin WrayEnglish Composition

Goodman Essay, Research Paper

Justin Wray

English Composition 2

Mr. Eustis


The Theme of & # 8220 ; Young Goodman Brown & # 8221 ;

What is subject? Subject is what the writer is stating about the topic of the narrative. In & # 8220 ; Young Goodman Brown & # 8221 ; the topic of the narrative is hypocrisy. In & # 8220 ; Young Goodman Brown & # 8221 ; , Hawthorne writes in item how lip service can alter a individual for the worse.

In the gap pages of the narrative you can see how hypocrisy is already get downing to alter Goodman Brown for the worse. As he starts out on his errand that he has to run, Goodman Brown decides to walk as Hawthorne puts it & # 8220 ; A drab route darkened by all the gloomiest trees of the forest, which hardly stood aside to allow the narrow way weirdo through, and closed instantly behind. & # 8221 ; ( 141 ) . The wood is an of import symbol in this narrative. The forest symbolizes immorality and it symbolizes evil because of the darkness of the wood. As Goodman Brown and his comrade continue their journey through the dark wood Goodman Brown starts to recognize this & # 8220 ; errand & # 8221 ; that he is running is no ordinary one. Goodman Brown knows that he is making something scorned down on by Puritan beliefs as he says the followers: & # 8220 ; My male parent of all time went into the forests on such an errand, nor his male parent before him. We have been have been a race of honorable work forces and good Christians since the yearss of the sufferer. And shall I be the first of the name of Brown that has of all time took this way and kept. & # 8221 ; ( 141 ) . So fundamentally what he is stating in that quotation mark is that he knows what he is making is incorrect, but he doesn & # 8217 ; t attention.

Goodman Brown is difficult to convert that his household and the Puritans in general are non as righteous and pure as he thinks they are. The comrade tries infinitely to convert Goodman Brown that his ain household is non as & # 8220 ; pure & # 8221 ; as it seems. The traveller tells Goodman some narratives of his ain household making soiled things such as puting fire to an Indian Village and floging a Quaker adult female. However Goodman does still non believe any of what the traveller is stating. Continuing on the way Brown and his comrade stumble upon Deacon Gookin and his Dainty Cloyse and Goodman is astonished by this because he would hold ne’er thought that the good married woman would be so far in the wood that tardily at dark. By seeing the good married woman in the wood at that clip of dark makes Goodman non desire to travel on. While sitting on a stump, Goodman yells out & # 8220 ; Friend, my head is made up. Not another measure wills I budge on this errand. What if a deplorable old adult female take to travel to the Satan when I thought she was traveling to Heaven! Is that any ground why I should discontinue my beloved Faith and travel after her? & # 8221 ; ( 143 ) Basically he is discontinuing what the errand because he senses that what the comrade has told him is to eat at him. In other words the lip service is get downing to come in his psyche and he is seeking to maintain it from make

ing that by halting the journey.

Another illustration of what Hawthorne is stating about lip service in the narrative is the portion where Goodman hears what the Deacon says as he passes by in the passenger car. Goodman is astonished by the words he hears coming from the passenger car. Besides Brown is amazed that the Deacon would hold traveled that far into the dark and drab wood. As Hawthorne puts it & # 8220 ; Young Goodman Brown caught clasp of a tree, for support, being ready to drop to the land, swoon and over-burthened with the heavy illness of his bosom. He looked up to the sky doubting whether there truly was a Heaven above him. & # 8221 ; ( 144 ) Basically Goodman can non believe what he merely heard from the leaders of the Religion of the Puritans ; he is amazed that dross lies within the most spiritual people of the Puritans. It makes him believe what the comrade told him about purity. Sing all of this makes him state that if no 1 else wants to stand true to the beliefs of the Puritans, non even the Deacon himself, so he was traveling to be the one who does.

Furthermore witnessing all of that Goodman eventually understands that pureness is no longer what all mankind strives for. As Brown stands their he looks up to see what was one time a blue sky has all of a sudden turned grey. This Gray sky symbolizes the dross or lip service that has taken over the Earth. Goodman besides hears sounds from the cloud, which besides represent fraudulence and evil. Goodman is truly bothered by this and he says, & # 8220 ; My Faith is gone there is no good on Earth, and wickedness is but a name. Come Devil! for to thee the universe given. & # 8221 ; ( 145 ) . All Goodman is stating is that the Satan can come and take over the universe because it is full of wickedness and evil.

In the same manner as the others who have given into hypocrisy Goodman himself now gives into the lip service. Hawthorne writes, & # 8220 ; In truth all through the haunted forest there could be nil more terrorization than the figure of Goodman Brown. & # 8221 ; This is Hawthorn & # 8217 ; s cunning manner of stating that Goodman he turned for the worse Brown has now at this point done a complete 360 of his usual pure ways and runs around the forest doing obscene gestures and awful comments. Hypocrisy has swamped Goodman & # 8217 ; s psyche to the point where he has a dream that these twosomes gets converted from Christians to Devil Worshipers and are encouraged to non to look to God but look to the Devil for Guidance and follow the ways of the Satan. Hawthorne writes a line to demo my point, & # 8220 ; Faith! Faith! look up to Heaven, and defy the Wicked One! & # 8221 ; So in other words don & # 8217 ; t look to god is what Hawthorne is stating.

In decision & # 8220 ; Young Goodman Brown & # 8221 ; is a narrative about lip service and how it came pervert the purest of peoples heads if they choose to allow it in. This narrative besides shows that even though Puritans all may move & # 8220 ; pure & # 8221 ; on the exterior, they aren & # 8217 ; t truly every bit pure as everybody makes them out to be