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Goverment Cover Ups Essay Research Paper Government

Goverment Cover Ups Essay, Research Paper

Government Cover-ups


Megan Garza

College Bound English

Mrs. Riley

Jan 1,2000

There has ever been a large contention over weather there truly are

extra-terrestrials, and winging disks. UFO is another manner to sum up both of these.

Remember that UFO means unidentified winging object. It does non stand for foreigner. There

has besides been a batch of guess about there truly being foreigners and the authorities

maintaining the citizens in the dark for assorted grounds. Howard Blum had an interesting manner

of looking at the state of affairs. He said, ? They? rhenium covering up non what they know, but what

they don? T know. They? rhenium embarrassed, and even a small scared, by their inability to

explain certain phenomena ( Huyghe 92 ) . ?

Many people take the? light? position of things and thinks the authorities is merely as

baffled by the UFO phenomenon as the remainder of us ( Huyghe 94 ) . Some people even feel

that the Air Force was cognizant that winging disks were from another planet but they were

covering up the fact to percent public terror ( Huyghe 93 ) .

Many people speculate about the United States Air Force and Army bases being

so close because they are concealing winging disks and such. One such topographic point is called

Area 51. A tellurian black hole into which some think 1000000s of revenue enhancement dollars go each

twenty-four hours, irrespective of the fact that they wear? T tell us anything about the topographic point ( Dane 50 ) . One

of the grounds people think that the authorities is concealing things is because Area 51 and

other such Military bases are guarded with such heavy security. Armed, unidentified work forces

stalk the sage brush in disguise, unmarked Black Hawk choppers sweep the hills,

and electronic detectors are hidden along the nearing roads ( Dane 50 ) .

There are different sorts of sightings and brushs with UFOs. Distant

sightings are more than 500 pess off, close brushs are nearer than that ( Dunn 6 ) . If

a UFO is seen at a close scope but leaves no grounds you can see or touch, that? s a Stopping point

Brush of the First Kind ( Dunn 6 ) . A Close Brush of the Second Kind is said to

leave grounds, such as pressed down or scorched workss ( Dunn 6 ) . When person

claims to hold seen the residents of a UFO, that? s known as a Close Encounter of the

Third Kind ( Dunn 6 ) . A study of contact with residents of a UFO is called a Stopping point

Brush of the Fourth Kind ( Dunn 6 ) .

I am traveling to state you about five UFO brushs that are rather cryptic as to

conditions it truly was what the authorities wanted us to believe it was.

The first UFO brush is known as the Roswell Incident. There was a UFO

clang in Lincoln County, New Mexico. It was in early July in 1947. The Air Force base at

Roswell Field had a? winging disc. ? It was taken to the Eighth Air Force Headquarters in

Fort Worth. Commander Brigadier General Roger Ramey said it was from a conditions

balloon. By 1990 the Center for UFO Studies interviewed 250 persons who were

someway related to the incident. Those who talked about the dust said it was non of

earthly beginning. Witnesss said the trade had an undentable thin foil that after it was folded,

returned to its original form with no mark of of all time being folded. Some sources claimed

that bodies non of human existences had been recovered a stat mi or two off ( Huyghe 92 ) .

This brush was one individuals word against another, but it could be that the commanding officer

was seeking to conceal something he or person with higher authorization, didn? t want known.

The 2nd UFO brush is known as the Disc in the Desert. In the Seventiess a

veteran UFO researcher known as Raymond Fowler was look intoing Fritz Werner. In an

sworn statement Werner swore that on May 21, 1953 he and others were driven to nearby

Indian Springs Air Force base. They were put on a coach with blackened Windowss and

informed that they were to take part in the recovery of a? supersecret Air Force

vehicle. ? After four hours they were let out. They were shown an ellipse shaped object that

looked like two deep disks, one inverted upon the other, ? about 30 pess in diameter.

His occupation was to find how fast the trade had been going when it hit the sand. At

one point Werner claimed he happened to look into a collapsible shelter at the site ; there he saw the

dead organic structure of a four-foot humanlike animal in a Ag, metallike suit. ? When he

was go forthing he talked briefly with an aviator who said tha

T he? vitamin D seen the inside of the

trade where there were? two swivellike seats every bit good as instruments and displays. ? All

participants were sworn to secrecy. Another research worker, Leonard Stringfield,

interviewed a former Air Force metallurgical engineer who claimed that in the spring of 1953 he

had been flown blindfolded to a? hot and flaxen country? to take part in the recovery of a

vehicle much like the one Werner described ( Huyghe 93 ) . Here we merely have these two

work forces words, but I find it unusual that both could depict the same event without

discoursing with their narratives foremost.

The 3rd UFO brush is known as the Navada Crash. In April 18, 1962 North

American Air Defense Command radio detection and ranging tracked a radiance ruddy object traveling west across

the United States. By the clip it reached the Southwest it was close it was close adequate

that witnesses on the land could hear a boom sound when it passed. Witnesss

reported the UFO landed near Eureka, Utah for a few proceedingss before restarting its flight.

It disappeared from radio detection and ranging screens 70 stat mis Northwest of Las Vegas merely as informants saw

an aerial detonation. In the Eighties Kevin Randle interviewed informants, one had been

stationed at Nellis Air Force base. The adult male claimed that he and other soldiers had been

put on a coach with closed Windowss and taken to a site in the desert to pick up the

wreckage of what looked like a winging disk. The soldiers were told merely that the trade

was something secret ( Huyghe 93 ) . So now we find out the even the soldiers in the

different subdivisions of the Military are kept in the dark about what they are making, and what

things are.

The 4th brush is known as the Kecksburg? Acorn. ? At 4:15 p.m. on

December 9, 1965 1000s of people in the Midwestern an Eastern provinces saw the

transition of a radiance object that left a fume trail visible for 20 proceedingss after the object

was gone. Research workers concluded that the object had been traveling somewhat faster than

1,000 stat mis per hr in a southeasterly way from Flint, Michigan. Meteoroids move at a

rate of at least 27,000 stat mis per hr. The object was traveling towards Cleveland where

it made a 25 grade bend and headed east. Peoples observed it fall in a smooth and

controlled manner. Peoples who went into the forests that dark discovered a big gold,

acorn-shaped object that emitted a unusual blue visible radiation. In a set along the side of the

object was hieroglyphiclike authorship. Peoples were ordered to go forth when an Army flatcar

truck came. They saw they truck go forthing with a elephantine unsloped acorn-shaped object

covered with a tarp ( Huyghe 92 ) . In this incident people saw the object, but the Army

seemingly didn? T want more people to see it because they covered it with the tarp.

The fifth and last brush is known as the Tex-Mex Episode. In 1977 a retired

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel said in a pledged papers that he and another pilot had

been winging a f-94 in the experimental phase, out of a Texas Air Force base. Ground radio detection and ranging

told them a UFO was about to come into position. They watched a discoid object brand

a 90 grade bend. They asked to trail it and were told non to. Radar tracking indicated

that the UFO crashed near the Texas-Mexico boundary line. The Colonel landed their jet,

boarded a light plane, and flew to the clang. They saw the object in the sand. The

Tex-Mex narrative foremost surfaced during an probe by W. Todd Zechel. During the

exercising there was an foreigner being claimed to hold been recovered ( Huyghe 93 ) .

There are many brushs and unexplained phenomena, most are recorded in

Project Blue Book. At the terminal of a 22-year operation more than 700 sightings listed in the

Project Blue Book logs remained unexplained ( Cooper 81 ) . There are many that have

been explained but besides the 700 that have non.

It is truly up to you to make up one’s mind conditions you believe in UFOs or non, but the manner

the authorities tries to conceal, and cover-up things surely makes me inquire about the

truth. Like Howard Blum said, ? They? rhenium embarrassed, and even a small scared, by

their inability to explicate certain phenomena ( Huyghe 92 ) . ?

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