Government Canada And China Essay Research Paper

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Government Canada And China Essay Research Paper

Government: Canada And China Essay, Research Paper

Government: Canada and China

Essay written by Foggy

The two states I have chosen to compare are China and Canada. Their systems of authorities are really different and have different powers and axial rotations in their state. Canada has a system of authorities really similar to our ain. While China & # 8217 ; s authorities appears to be similar as good, but it is rather different. Canada & # 8217 ; s authorities democratic and is parliamentary in signifier but, really much like our ain. Like all big authoritiess it is representative democracy. Canada has a cardinal authorities designed to cover with the state as a whole. Thingss like national defence, banking, currency, and commercialism are controlled by the cardinal authorities. All other affairs are left to the states to cover with. Such as instruction, infirmaries, and civil rights are duties of the provinces. The Canadian Parliament consists of two houses. Their Senate is made up of 104 members who serve until the age of 75. The House of Commons is composed of 295 members who are popularly elected to function for five-year footings. The Parliament elects the executive, the Prime Minister. Canada has a Federal system and is divided into 10 states that have powers the manner our provinces do. China & # 8217 ; s authorities is a absolutism it is led by the Communist party. A Prime Minister who is now Li Peng leads the state. The Executive powers rest in the State Council, which is headed by the Prime Minister, Li Peng. The National People & # 8217 ; s Congress is the most powerful portion of China & # 8217 ; s authorities. Its members are indirectly elected to function five-year footings. One representative is elected from each state for every 400,000 people, with a lower limit of 10 representatives from each. There are about 3000 representatives in China & # 8217 ; s Congress. China besides has a federal authorities. The state is divided into States, which are divided into even smaller divisions of several types. The Communist party controls the authorities. Other parties do be but the Communists Party is in control of the authorities.

Canada and China are really different States and are run by really differen

t forms of government. The basic underlying difference between the two governments is the location of sovereignty in the counties. In China it seems as though the people do play a large part in the government, but after studying it, it is evident that the power really rests with the Communist party and the dictatorship. While in Canada the people popularly elect their representatives who elect their Prime Minister. The people elect their representatives to office and the representatives have to answer to the people. In China the members of The National People’s Congress are indirectly elected. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds a little fishy. At any rate representatives are not popularly elected. The Communist party almost solely runs the nation. In Canada there are several different parties involved in government. In china only four percent of the population belong to the Communist p! arty. Still Communist party members hold the vast majority of significant government positions. On the other hand the Chinese and Canadian governments do have some similarities. Both governments are federal in form. They both have divisions between the central and local governments. They both are representative democracies. Well at least China tries to look like one. Canada and China are examples of governments that are fundamentally quite different. In China the people hold very little power in their government. The power rests with a small group and the Communist party. While in Canada the people popularly elect their representatives and hold the power in the government. The sovereignty rests with the people in Canada and with the Dictatorship in China. There lies the difference between the two types of government. That is also what makes America as well as Canada and other governments like ours so great. The people have control over the government. It is something we often overlook and take for granted. I wouldn’t want to live in China or any other Communist country. In a dictatorship the dictator gets what he wants, not the people in a democracy the majority gets what they want, but the minority has the right to whine as much as he wants. What a great country we live in.