Health Risks Of Smoking Essay Research Paper

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Health Risks Of Smoking Essay Research Paper

Health Risks Of Smoking Essay, Research Paper

The Health Risks of Smoking

Problem-What are the wellness hazards of smoke?

Hypothesis-The cotton balls will go black due to the fume released from the coffin nail.

Research-The chief wellness causes of smoke are lung malignant neoplastic disease, Cancer of lips, gums, lingua, throat, voice box, windpipe, bronchial tube, vesica, neck, and gall bladder malignant neoplastic disease. Besides your tegument will look 10-20 old ages older than one who does non smoke. 415,000 people die each twelvemonth from smoke. Some short-run effects are, xanthous dentition and fingernails. Your hair besides becomes gross and it can destroy your tegument. There is an addition hazard of bosom onslaught or shot and emphysema.

Materials-2 fictile H2O bottles, 16 cotton balls, litre and a coffin nail.

Experiment-Take 2 plastic, empty H2O bottles and put 8 cotton balls in the underside of each. Make a small hole in the side of the bottle and do a hole large plenty for a coffin nail to suit into one of the bottles caps. Take a political action committee

K of coffin nails and infix one into the affiliated cap of the bottle. Light the coffin nail and squash the bottle lightly so allow travel and reiterate. Make it every twenty-four hours for approximately 6 hebdomads utilizing and an mean sum that a tobacco user would smoke a twenty-four hours.

Independent Variable- Cotton balls are clean to get down with and will go more discolored as each twenty-four hours of smoke.

Dependent Variable- One bottles cotton balls are clean the others are black.

Constants-bottle and cotton balls.


Data-The smoke bottle? s cotton balls turned black and had small pieces of pitch on them. Since the other bottle did non hold a coffin nail the cotton stayed white.

Conclusion-The more a individual smokes the higher a hazard of acquiring lung malignant neoplastic disease, or increased hazard of bosom onslaught and shot. In the long term a individual could acquire emphysema or other types of malignant neoplastic disease mentioned supra. This experiment gives a ocular representation of how tar accumulates in a individual? s lungs over a short period of clip.