Heinz And The Chemist Essay Research Paper

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Heinz And The Chemist Essay Research Paper

Heinz And The Chemist Essay, Research Paper

Heinz and the Chemist

This essay will turn out why Heinz had the right to take the drug from the chemist to salvage his married woman & # 8217 ; s life. There are many points that are morally right and humanly right. Not merely does Heinz salvage a life but besides teaches the chemist that he can non set a monetary value on life.

When Heinz went to the chemist to inquire for the drug, Heinz said that he has sold all of his ownerships and merely has his married woman left. He offered to work off the remainder of the payment for the drug or make anything the chemist says. Because the chemist refused to accept any offer except to hold the one-thousand dollars in hard currency, this gives Heinz every ground in the universe to take the drug to salvage his married woman & # 8217 ; s life.

The chemist did non lose anything except the drug that took ten dollars to do. The chemist could look at Heinz stealing the drug as an investing. Heinz left the chemist five-hundred dollars which could easy supply the chemist with adequate ingredients to do many more doses of this drug. The chemist could so take these many doses of this life-saving drug and supply it to people at a lower cost. If people are able to afford the drug they will purchase it if needed and the chemist will be able to do a net income on his drug.

The chemist could besides happen out that Heinz took the drug and imperativeness any charges on Heinz because of the money left behind.. Heinz would non be upset by this because he already offered the chemist everything he had. Even if the chemist would desire Heinz set to decease for stealing the drug, Heinz has got to experience morally right knowing that he saved his married woman & # 8217 ; s life. Heinz had nil to lose if he got caught stealing the drug and everything to lose if he did non steal the drug. The greatest thing

a friend can make for a friend is to put down at that place life for them. This is what Heinz did for his best friend, his married woman.

Heinz does non hold to experience sorry for the chemist in any manner thought that he has cheated or hurt him. If anything he has taught the chemist a good lesson that you can non set a monetary value on life. If for illustration the chemist needed the full one-thousand dollars for some ground that could be possible used to salvage a life he cared approximately, he would hold a difficult clip acquiring all that money. One-thousand dollars in three yearss is a batch to anybody and if all Heinz could come up with was half of that sum there are really few people that could pay a full ball amount. Yes, the chemist does hold the monopoly on that merchandise, but the chemist would non be able to sell many of these drugs inquiring that sum for them when cipher has the money.

If Heinz did non steal the drug all he would be left with is five-hundred dollars and no other ownerships. He gave everything up and sold everything he could to acquire this money which does non intend a batch to him. The chemist would still hold the drug in his ownership that does him no good. The chemist would non be able to hold money to do more doses of the drug that he could sell at a lower monetary value and do a large net income. It would besides be morally incorrect if Heinz did non steal the drug. He would hold to populate the remainder of his life knowing that he could hold saved his married woman & # 8217 ; s life. The chemist would besides experience immoral if he of all time realized that he has the power to salvage lives alternatively of being greedy.

This essay has proved that under any circumstance it was morally right for Heinz to steal the drug to salvage his married woman & # 8217 ; s life. There was nil else he could make in such a short period of clip under those fortunes to salvage the life of his married woman.