Hepititus Essay Research Paper Hepatitis ABCHepatitis is

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Hepititus Essay Research Paper Hepatitis ABCHepatitis is

Hepititus Essay, Research Paper

Hepatitis A, B, C

Hepatitis is a medical disease, which causes redness of the liver ; your liver is an organ on the right side of your venters. The liver purifies your blood. The Hepatitis C virus is the 2nd behind alcohol addiction among causes of liver disease and is the taking ground for liver grafts.

Hepatitis A is the first of the different viruses. Some of the symptoms of Hepatitis A are fatigue, loss of appetency, sickness, and abdominal hurting. An estimated 100 people die from the Hepatitis A virus a twelvemonth. There are five most common ways to acquire this virus. The first is if you are in sexual contact with an septic individual. Second, if you are an international traveller. Third, if you live with American Indians or populate on a reserve with epidemic Hepatitis A. And in conclusion if you are around people during their eruptions such as twenty-four hours attention employees or shooting drug users. Hepatitis A has a vaccinum, which is extremely effectual. Keeping good hygiene and sanitation will assist forestall this virus.

Hepatitis B is the 2nd virus. Some people with Hepatitis B have the same symptoms that mimic the grippe such as, cubic decimeter

oss of appetency, sickness and emesis, febrility and yellowing tegument and eyes along with other symptoms. About 90 per centum of grownups recover from Hepatitis B in a few months and will ne’er acquire it once more. There are many different ways to acquire this virus. A twosome ways are blood transfusions prior to 1985, holding haemophilia, populating with an septic individual, and going to states with a high incidence of Hepatitis B. You can non acquire the virus by keeping custodies, sing an septic individual, sneezing or coughing or dry lip snoging. To avoid acquiring the virus you should acquire vaccinated, wear t portion masticating gum, sterilise all acerate leafs, and seek non to hold unprotected sex with multiple spouses.

Hepatitis C is the 3rd virus. An estimated three- per centum of the universe s population carries the virus. Because Hepatitis C produces no symptoms in its earliest phases, most septic people may distribute it because they don Ts know they re infected. There is no effectual vaccinum for this virus. You should avoid unprotected sex with multiple spouses, wear t inject illegal drugs, and avoid organic structure piercing and tattooing. Peoples infected with Hepatitis C should non donate blood, variety meats, tissues or seeds.