Heroes Essay Research Paper Many of our

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Heroes Essay Research Paper Many of our

Heros Essay, Research Paper

Many of our heroes today are characterized by their enormous strength, or their romantic entreaty, but I believe that a hero should non be characterzed by these qualities, but instead what they d with them. What we do with our qualities is what makes the difference between a hero and an ordinary individual. Some people think is person who has features which they can place with, while to others, a hero is person who has the features that they would desire to hold. Whethr money, celebrity, and material wealth make a hero or if its their characteristic to do difference in society, it is one & # 8217 ; s ain pick to beieve who is a hero and who is non. Yet, even though this is true, everyone should acknowledge that a hero isnot person who merely has material wealth, but person who has the qualities to be able to sand up for what they believe in and seek to do a positive alteration in society. A hero can be a individual who does many different things. One hero may give an aged lady back her bag when she unwittingly drops it on the street. To the elderl

Y lady, this individual is a hero and would be viewed by many other people in the same manner. This hero, on the other manus, could be interpreted by critics as a normal individual making what anyone would make if they were to happen a bag on the street. This individual is in fact a hero and did what non many people would make. He went out of his manner to return the money and other valuables to person who had nknowingly lost them.

There are people who perform Acts of the Apostless that are heroic to one individual but at the same clip impact another individual in a negetive manner. Are these peple considered tobe heroes? Judging by what Mother Teresa has one time said, gallantry comes from the bosom and is meant to e a good title. A title which has had love put into it. Therefore if that title contains hatred for a individual or thing, so it is non considered to be a epic act. There are heroes all over the universe at this really minute. The individual who is interpreted as a hero by some could be looked at by others as an ordinary individual. Who is and who is non a hero all depends on the point of position from which you are seeing this individual.