How Do My Privileges Affect the Way I See the World

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How Do My Privileges Affect the Way I See the World

How do my Privileges Affect the Way I See the World

I have privileges that not all the person in the world have, this privileges that are going to be said in this work, but the real question is how those my privileges change the way I see the world, the conflicts, hunger, etc.

        My social class is middle class, that means that I don’t, well my family doesn’t have a lot of money but we have all the necessary and even more than what we actually need to live, I go to private school, my parents have a good job both of them, I don’t suffer from hunger, I speak three languages and I live in very good condition comparing to poor people. How these things can affect the way I see the world?

        Hunger is one or maybe the biggest problem in the world affecting 795 million people in the world today, I actually know this problem and I know its         malnutrition is the number one risk to health in the world and it is mostly affecting children, even that in the world there is enough food for all the people, rich people or people that never suffer from hunger doesn’t appreciate the importance of food, actually I’m included, we sometimes through away a lot of food that we never eat or that we don’t want more and we never think about people with the need of food about all the people in the world that died because of hunger so we just threw it away without thinking about that.  This is why almost all of the person that have almost the same privileges as I don’t know how real poverty is until you see it and most of those persons have not seen it yet so they are no so worry about this problem cause they don’t suffer it, but actually I m worried about those problems