How Far Was the First Red Scare Difference to the Second Red Scare

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How Far Was the First Red Scare Difference to the Second Red Scare

How far was the first red scare difference to the second red scare.

 They were a big difference between the two red scare as in the first red scare and the second red scare. The first red scare was in 1919 -1920 after the Russian revolution. A lot of American worker when on strike to campaign for better working conditions and better wagers. In this time the communist party of America (cpusa) was founded and a lot of the members wanted a revolution as they ware 3600 strikes and 4 million people when on strike. This escalated and a lot of people got scared, business sacked employees that have left wing views. People got scared of communism and didn’t want to express they own views. Some people and groups such as the KKK killed communist.

The second red scare happened after the second world war from 1947-1954. The USA and Ussr became rivals after the war as they had different ideologies. In the second red scare both country’s spied on each other this made people more nervous and scared. They were a lot of spies in the USA government. In the second red scare they ware anti-communist views.

In the second red scare it was more against a country and more people were scared for Russia then in the first in was more against an ideology, in the second red scare it was more of a problem at home as they wanted a revaluation and the workers striked.  In the second red it was more anti-communist views with the media having a lot of anti-communist views and putting up anti-communist propaganda.

In the second red scare the us government ware ably control the population better and ware ably to spy on the population. The government ware ability to tap phones, open letters and bug home and offices. Joseph McCarthy was a senator who was a was very anti-communist and made up that there 205 know commiunts in the government when there weren’t as meanly.

In conclusion there were some big difference between the first and second red scare