How is the idea of powerlessness shown in ‘Of Mice And Men’ Essay

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How is the idea of powerlessness shown in ‘Of Mice And Men’ Essay

How does Steinbeck present different types of power and impotence in ‘’Of Mice and Men’’ ? In the book ‘’Of Mice and Men’’ Steinbeck uses different types of power and impotence to demo the personalities of the characters. He uses the thought of power to demo difference in all the characters and how their differences change each single life in the spread. Steinbeck portrays many strengths and failing in a broad spectrum. In the picking order of the spread. Curley has most power. and is a bully. His married woman has no individuality. and is awfully lonely. but she excessively hurts others utilizing use. Cruelty and maltreatment of power characterises most of the novel. with the most noticeable exclusion of George and Lennie. Lennie shows utmost power in his strength. He is like an animate being as it says ‘’snorted’’ and ‘’paws’’ . He is portrayed like a bear but shows. although he has the strength to oppress Curley’s manus on page 69-71. he has no control of his head and deficiencies assurance and has to trust on George such as a domestic animate being would towards his proprietor.

Furthermore he is described as ‘’a immense man…large. pale eyes’’ and besides ‘’dragging his pess a little. the manner a bear drags his paws’’ . Steinbeck uses his physical power to demo he is unsafe to the other characters such as Curley’s married woman who Lennie putting to deaths. Steinbeck shows that when Lennie starts to panic his power gets worse accordingly fatal for Curley’s married woman. Besides he can non believe for himself and crushes Curley’s manus because he is told to by George. Lennie’s carnal features besides come through in this chapter ‘’bleated…huge paws’’ . Throughout the book Lennie’s actions reflect severely on the dream that the work forces in the spread portion. He is invariably seting it in hazard due to his deficiency of control and thought towards how his actions reflect on others. The combination of artlessness and strength is what truly makes Lennie so powerful and unsafe.

Throughout the fresh Steinbeck presents the character of Curley’s married woman in a figure of ways. Initially he tells us that she is a beautiful miss who is lonely and she is the lone female on the spread. Steinbeck explains that she is presented as a sexual object for Curly. Even though she is the boss’s son’s married woman. she is still low in the hierarchy within the spread. She clearly uses her gender as a arm and is seen as a sexual marauder. Curley’s married woman uses sexual power to acquire what she wants as a adult female in the 1930’s would hold small economic or societal power and even when as you find out toward the terminal of the book and the decease of Curley’s married woman she merely acts like this so she can eventually hold the attending she is losing out on. Unfortunately her gender has no impact on the farm because everyone is scared of being friendly or seen with her due to her husband’s power. She is coquettish ‘‘you cats seen Curly anyplace? ’’

She asks this merely to be able to come in the stable to be with the work forces and this is used a steerer to acquire her to be able to socialize with the work forces. Steinbeck is giving the reader a negative image of her. about as a sex slave. We see this negativeness in other character’s description of her: She is said to be a ‘’tart’’ and a ‘’tramp’’ by George and Candy. She besides wears a batch of makeup: ‘’heavily made up’’ and besides dresses up: ‘’cotton house dress…red mules’’ . Steinbeck shows her to stand temptingly ‘’body thrown forward’’ . Lennie who is captured by her sexual nature and provinces over and over after first meeting her ‘’she’s purty’’ . Furthermore. during alternate state of affairss she uses her power to pull strings others as she does when in Crooks’ room. She uses the power of being a white female to be racist towards Crooks.

She knows Criminals can non ache or state anything against her because of the unfairness and penalty towards inkinesss. such as in the Scottsboro test. and uses this to her advantage to take out all the injury she has been experiencing by being ignored on the spread and merely been given attending when she shows her gender. She besides manipulates Lennie into speaking with her by doing him experience commiseration for her by stating him how lonely she feels ‘’I acquire atrocious lonely’’ and ‘’I ne’er acquire to speak to nobody’’ . In Of Mice and Men Steinbeck chiefly presents Curley as a average individual who wants authorization on the spread. Although this makes Curley a more despised character. Steinbeck makes it clear to the reader that Curley is merely average as a consequence of being lonely.

This solitariness of Curley was typical of work forces on spreads in 1930s America. Curley wants to acquire more authorization on the spread. When we foremost see Curley. he is described as shuting his custodies “into fists” and stiffening his dorsum “into a little crouch” after looking at Lennie. demoing the reader that Curley wants more authorization over him. This makes the reader feel somewhat uneasy as it hints that Curley may make something which will impact George and Lennie’s dream subsequently in the novel. Besides by Steinbeck stating that Curley has ‘’tight curly hair’’ it makes me experience he is being presented as an edgy. angry character. Curley feels intimidated by the sheer size of Lennie and feels Lennie is competition that he must crush in order to demo his stamina and in instance Lennie tries to win over Curley’s married woman. Steinbeck besides presents Curley as being an aggressive character. For illustration. Curley is speedy to pick a battle with Lennie in Chapter three of the novel. Steinbeck uses words like “slashed” to depict Curley’s strength and aggressiveness.

The reader feels anger towards Curley at this point as he attacks Lennie merely because he is bigger in physique. Curley is besides shown to merely utilize his married woman as when she dies Curley does non look to demo any love or regard for his married woman as in remaining with her when she is found dead or even traveling to her and his first idea is Lennie. He merely shows hatred for Lennie and wants to ache Lennie. I think Steinbeck made this character to demo how others actions and how they react to them can impact a dream or hope you have. For illustration Curley’s attitude towards Lennie and his married woman later leads to neither of them accomplishing their dream. In decision Steinbeck shows power in strength. where you are on the hierarchy and in gender of adult females. Steinbeck represents human nature in the applaudable and unfavorable qualities people had during the depression in the 1930’s. Steinbeck shows that human nature changed well and largely for the worse during this period of the great depression. Peoples looked up to and were more scared of large work forces such as Lennie and Curley but more critical and opprobrious towards adult female as they thought they were simply sexual objects as Steinbeck shows in the attitude towards Curley’s married woman by the ranchers.