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Iliad And Odyssey Essay Research Paper The

Iliad And Odyssey Essay, Research Paper

The positions and beliefs of societies are frequently portrayed in the literature, art, and film of a certain epoch. The heroic poem poems, The Iliad and Odyssey, give bookmans and historiographers an thought how the Ancient Greek lived their mundane lives. By reading the two & # 8220 ; novels, & # 8221 ; the reader is able to see the three thousand old ages old society of Homer. The assorted similarities between our society and the societies depicted in the Iliad and the Odyssey are surprising profuse. To call a few: the otiose force in Iliad and Odyssey, the word picture of Odysseus, the vague usage of narcotics, the similarities between Catholicism and certain narratives of the Odyssey, and the function of pets and animate beings. Despite the legion similarities, there are some distinguishable differences. The specific differences between our society and that of Ancient Greece is the function of adult females in ancient Greece, polytheism, the and the importance of cordial reception.

Violence, it is a portion of the Iliad and Odyssey ; it is portrayed in about all our films and literature. The legion conflicts in the Iliad invariably described the monstrous deceases of warriors. & # 8220 ; He brought him down with a glittering jagged stone, monolithic, top of the pile behind the bulwark s border, no easy lift for a fghger even in premier strength, working with both custodies, weak as work forces are now. & # 8221 ; Giant Ajax hoisted it high and hurled it down, oppressing the rim of the soldiers four horned helmet and cracked his skull to matchwoods, a bloody mush & # 8221 ; 435-443. Violence, the many scenes of war in the Iliad reminded me of the first conflict scene of Salvaging Private Ryan. The highly violent images of work forces shouting out for their female parents, the bowels sloping out of a adult male s belly, and the many images of slug lesions. I believe that if Homer had lived in the twentieth century, that the conflict scenes of the Iliad would resemble those of the many ghastly movies and books written in this century. A specific illustration of mindless force was during the autumn of Troy ; Hektors immature kid was thrown off the high walls of Troy. It obvious that every society throughout clip has appreciated deadly force.

Like the Iliad, the Odyssey had many violent and action scenes. Odysseus s encounter with the Cyclopes, Polyphemus, entranced the reader with many cacophonic images. & # 8220 ; Up from his esophagus, spots of human flesh and vino were spurting: in his bibulous slumber, he d vomited. & # 8221 ; Pg. 181. Then the description of the blinded of Polyphemus: & # 8220 ; and when that interest of olive-wood, though green, it was glowing and so they clasped the pointed interest, and drove it into his oculus, swirling the combustion hot point deeper and deeper into the eye. & # 8221 ; Pg. 181. I could non assist it, but when Odysseus returned to Ithaca, it reminded me of a Jerry Springer episode. Near the terminal of book XVIII, Odysseus is engaged in a verbal statement with Eurymachus ; during the statement Eurymachus really throws a stool at Odysseus! A scene like that has ne’er happened on American Television before. In book XXII, Odysseus kills at least seven work forces.

In the Odyssey, the chief character, Odysseus seemed to be & # 8220 ; un-touchable. & # 8221 ; Odysseus survived the Trojan War, shipwrecks, the foray on the Cicones, The Nelumbo nucifera feeders, and the Cyclops. Not to advert the brush with Hades and the conflict with the suers. Like American & # 8220 ; pop & # 8221 ; civilization, the hero is seldom killed, but instead somewhat injured. Rambo, James Bond, Matlock, Magnum P.I. , and Odysseus all have the same features: astute, nuance, self subject, strong, but non needfully adheres to the heroic codification of behavior. All of these characters adapt their behaviour to the fortunes in which he finds himself, although ever retaining a realistic construct of his opportunism and his ultimate ends. All five characters have imperfectnesss. Odysseus is full of pride ; he about got himself killed by Polyphemus. Rambo has a address hindrance, James Bond and Magnum are excessively affectionate of adult females, and Matlock is old. Odysseus was the first & # 8220 ; super & # 8221 ; hero.

As I read the Odyssey, I could non assist but detect the multiples utilizations of & # 8220 ; fantastic charming herbs & # 8221 ; and other types of narcotic substances. The first clip that I noticed the usage of narcotics in the Odyssey, was in the state of the Lotus-Eaters. The dwellers of this state were nice but slightly uneven. They had a eccentric works that when eaten by mariners ; it would rapidly do memory loss and indolence. In our society, there are infinite drugs that consequence your memory and our will to last. Normally the people that are utilizing them are nice but slightly uneven. In the fatherland of Circe, many of work forces were turned into swine by the & # 8220 ; charming wand & # 8221 ; of Circe. Odysseus survived because he had a cryptic herb called & # 8220 ; moly, & # 8221 ; which he received from Hermes.

The similarity between the beliefs of Catholicism, the Bible and the & # 8220 ; Wandering of Odysseus. & # 8221 ; I believe, as do many other bookmans and pupil that Odysseus s encounter with the Sirens as the first series of trials which he must go through to show that he is worthy of the & # 8220 ; metempsychosis & # 8221 ; that he has gone through and the elevated vision he will be granted when he arrives at the Land of Phaeacians. I do non cognize much about the Ca

tholic faith, but the construct of squealing your wickednesss and so being “cleared” of them seems like the “tests” that Odysseus went through. In book XII, Odysseus experiences the enticement, the offense, and the penalty ; a strong resemblance to the narrative of Adam and Eve. When Odysseus and his work forces land on the island where Hyperion, the Sun God, kept his godly cowss. Despite the warnings from Tiresias and Circe, Eurylochus and many other of Odysseus work forces slaughtered some of Hyperion s Godhead cowss. Just like in the narrative of Adam and Eve ; they ate from the out garden. Odysseus and his individuals took the wrath of all the Gods. Zeus, destroyed their ship, killing everyone but Odysseus.

The society in which we live, animate beings and pets are really of import. We will pay big amounts of money to seek to protract the lives of our darling pets. Whenever a Canis familiaris or cat gets hurt, we ever feel awful. I remember watching the intelligence ; the first three narratives were about colzas and slayings. Then there was a narrative about how a Canis familiaris was shot and killed by a random slug there were more people shouting and sorrowing for the Canis familiaris than there were for the people who got murdered! Then I read book XVII, the narrative about Argus. He was described as prevarication in a heap of crud and left for dead. The Canis familiaris sees Odysseus ; it whimpers and dies. Odysseus calls, which he ne’er did for his crew. In is dry how the human race will shout more for a pet or an animate being more than they will for another member of their ain race.

There are many similarities between our society and that of the Iliad and the Odyssey, but there are some major difference. One of the biggest differences is the portraiture and function of adult females. In the last century, the traditional function of adult females is no longer the manner it is. Womans are independent, they can vote, run for president, and can do their ain determinations ; the exact antonym of the manner adult females were depicted in the Iliad and Odyssey. Womans were considered to be belongings. They were the awards of war. The adult females who were awarded to Achilles and Agememnon: Chryseis and Briseis. They were treated like belongings ; adult females could be traded or sold. After the Fall of Troy, the captured adult females were given to the work forces of the Grecian leaders. In the Odyssey, the married woman of Odysseus, Penelope, was treated like the award in a lottery. The suers did non desire her they wanted the estate of Odysseus. Penelope was ne’er asked what she wanted. In fact, it was the jurisprudence that Penelope had to choose a new partner. The function of adult females was to cook, look good, maintain lull, and have kids. Women had no rights, no self-respect, and were controlled by work forces. The intervention of adult females in ancient Grecian society resembles the manner adult females were treated in the epoch cave the cave work forces. Today, it is the exact antonym.

In today s society about every faith is monotheistic. No major faith believes in more than one God. Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism all have one Godhead swayer. In the society of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the faith is a type of Greek Mythology ; which is a polytheistic faith. There are Gods stand foring every object. If you want love you pray to Venus, if you want assist in war you pray to Mars, it is rather different from any faith found today. You are considered a heretic if you pray to more than one God. Please rectify me if I am incorrect, but did non Moses smash the Ten Commandments because people were idolizing graven images? There were non as many faiths in the epoch of Ancient Greece, either. Religion is invariably altering.

In our overpopulated society, would you let an absolute alien to remain in your place? Absolutely non! ! In the Grecian civilization, hospitably was really of import. The ultimate illustration of cordial reception was shown by Princess Nausicaa and King Alcinous. They found Odysseus washed up on shore and invited him into their place. They feed, cloth, and wash him. They give him a bed and a topographic point at their tabular array. Their generousness came without vacillation and they did non anticipate anything in return. The Ancient Greeks would bathe you, feed you, and allow you rest before they even knew your name. There are so many narratives that display Acts of the Apostless of first-class cordial reception. Book IV and V display a instance in which a & # 8220 ; individual & # 8221 ; was excessively hospitable. Hospitality was so of import to the Ancient Greeks because there were no hotels. Peoples realized that someday they would be going and would necessitate a topographic point to remain. They would anticipate to have the same cordial reception that they had given. Today there are hotels, motels, and bivouacing evidences. There is no ground why we should let a alien into our place.

There are certain features that are common within every society ; including those found within literature and film. Our society is invariably altering. The United States society, least resembles the society of the Iliad and Odyssey. The ground for the is simple: engineering. Our authoritiess, Torahs, and values are advanced. Our beliefs in the supernatural are different to ; this is due to promotions in scientific discipline. We do non believe in Cyclopes, Nymphs, Witches, and other unreal animals. The one thing that will ever be in every society is will to last and the demand to better the quality of life.