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Illusion Of The American Dream Essay Research

Illusion Of The American Dream Essay, Research Paper

The Illusion of the American Dream

The American Dream is what all Americans strive to accomplish. It is the semblance of prosperity and felicity. The American Dream consists of three different elements, money, sex, and power. The dramas & # 8220 ; Death of a Salesman & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; The Glass Menagerie & # 8221 ; are about households who strive to accomplish the American Dream. These dramas are a batch likewise and they have more similarities than differences.

In America, money can acquire you many topographic points in society. In both dramas, money dramas an indispensable component. In & # 8220 ; The Glass Menagerie, & # 8221 ; Amanda is ever concerned about Laura acquiring a occupation or get marrieding person whom can back up her. When Amanda realizes that Laura quit traveling to concern school, she becomes really hard-pressed. & # 8220 ; What are we traveling to make, what is traveling to go of us, what is the hereafter? & # 8221 ; They did non hold a male parent, or person to back up them ; hence, Amanda did non cognize what to anticipate in the hereafter. The relevance of money is besides evident in & # 8220 ; Death of a Salesman. & # 8221 ; Willy believes that he and his boies are great work forces who can be successful in the concern universe. Linda, Willy & # 8217 ; s married woman, says, & # 8220 ; Willy Loman ne’er made a batch of money. His name was ne’er in the paper. He & # 8217 ; s non the finest character that of all time lived. But he & # 8217 ; s a human being, and a awful thing is go oning to him. So attending must be paid. & # 8221 ; Willy liked to conceive of that he was comfortable, and that his boies would be comfortable.

Sexual activity is another component of the American Dream. The characters in both dramas have their phantasies and dreams about love. They are dreamers who can steal into, and out of world. In & # 8220 ; The Glass Menagerie & # 8221 ; Laura is in love with a individual that she knew in high school. She talked to him some in high school, but non a batch. Her crush for him lasted long after high school. She says, & # 8220 ; Yes. I liked one one time. I came across his image a piece ago. & # 8221 ; Once he comes to her house for dinner, she is rather around him, and she is defeated when she finds out that he is engaged. In & # 8220 ; D

eath on a Salesman, ” Willy searches for love, but does non recognize what he has. He has a loving household, and married woman who cares a batch about him. He does non acknowledge their love, and has to run off and hold an matter with a adult female. When Biff finds out about the matter, he eventually realizes that he fails in concern because his male parent had him stuck on the myth of the American Dream.

Furthermore, holding power is besides really of import for accomplishing the American Dream. In & # 8220 ; The Glass Menagerie, & # 8221 ; Amanda has to be in control of everything. She likes stating her boy and girl what they should be making. She recurrently reminds Tom about how of import his occupation is for the security of the household. She says, & # 8220 ; What right have you got to endanger your occupation? Endanger the security of us all? How do you believe we & # 8217 ; d manage if you were-. & # 8221 ; She likes to hold the power in the household, in order to maintain the dysfunctional household together. Willy, in & # 8220 ; Death of a Salesman, & # 8221 ; besides liked to hold a batch of power. He was afraid of being abandoned, and he worked difficult for societal credence. Charley negotiations about him and says, & # 8220 ; Nobody dast fault this adult male & # 8230 ; Willy was a salesman. Ad for a salesman, there is no stone underside to the life. He don & # 8217 ; t set a bolt to a nut, he don & # 8217 ; t state the jurisprudence or give you medicate. He & # 8217 ; s a adult male why out at that place in the blue, siting on a smiling and a shoeshine. And when they start non smiling back-that & # 8217 ; s an temblor. And so you get yourself a twosome of musca volitanss on your chapeau, and you & # 8217 ; re finished. Cipher dast incrimination this adult male. A saleman is got to woolgather, boy. It comes with the territory. & # 8221 ; Willy liked to be in control of his household, and be good liked by everyone. He besides passes these dreams onto his boies.

In decision, these dramas have many things in common. The American Dream is something that must be worked for. It takes a batch of difficult work and finding, and merely a smattering of people of all time really reaches the top. For the Loman and Wingfield households, the American Dream is something they will likely ne’er have. It is merely a myth to them, like it is to many people.