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Our state is in desperate fiscal passs. However, the state & # 8217 ; s state of affairs is merely a contemplation of our personal failures in our inability to & # 8220 ; Just Say No & # 8221 ; to ourselves. We must hold everything and we must hold everything now. We have become a state of consumers alternatively of a public of manufacturers. Let & # 8217 ; s face it, excessively many households are submerging in debt.

We are spoiled. No 1 wants to wait and salvage money for purchases. The American consumer is profoundly in debt and non speaking about it. Consumer debt rose two-hundred 20 five per centum from 1976 to 1986. Visa Billingss doubled last twelvemonth from two-hundred billion to four-hundred billion. Entire family debt has soared to 93 % of one-year income.

USA Today has reported that for the last five old ages, fundss have been the figure one topic of most New Year & # 8217 ; s Resolutions. It used to be weight. Something is decidedly awry.

These statistics have been constructing for old ages but it is no longer merely the baby-boomers job. My coevals merely embarked down the same catastrophic way. Many pupils come out of school non cognizing how to equilibrate a chequebook. College is where you start larning firsthand about fundss and recognition because the recognition companies are directing out cards by the pails to pupils.

Citicorp merely spent ten-million selling recognition cards to high-school childs. Sixty-one per centum of all college pupils are transporting a card, and 32 per centum of those got it before college. However a recent study showed that fewer than 30 per centum of the pupils polled could state what involvement rate they were paying on their cards. It & # 8217 ; s like non

cognizing anything about guns and luging an Uzi. But the recognition card companies understand about learning kids habits that will transport over into maturity.

Now recognition cards aren & # 8217 ; t the root of all evil, but we must look at it realistically. The typical household


is keeping between eight and twelve recognition cards, and each card has an mean balance of $ 1500. These were accumulated by no more logic than merely who sent them one. They are atrocious and unsafe fiscal tools. There are over 43 million Discover cards, over 26 million Sears cards with more than seven hundred thousand applications per month. In 1994 Sears made more money on recognition cards than they did on the sale of ware. So Sears is non a merchant ; it is a recognition operation with some material out forepart.

What precisely can the irresponsible overexploitation of recognition bring about? Worst instance scenario ; how does bankruptcy sound? Typically bankruptcy filings are over nine-hundred 1000, yearly with a new record set every twelvemonth between the old ages of 1983 and 1992. The addition of filings in the last 15 old ages is over one-hundred 50 per centum, with 94 per centum of filings non-business personal filings. Think you & # 8217 ; re non in danger of this state of affairs? Here & # 8217 ; s something to believe about. A recent survey done on the typical bankruptcy by the University of Texas in concurrence with The University of Pennsylvania confirms this. Published in the Wall Street Journal the survey noted that the typical bankruptcy was non a cat under a span or a existent estate high roller but instead & # 8220 ; Well educated, middle-class babe boomers with large clip recognition card debt. & # 8221 ; Wake up America!