Immigration Essay Research Paper 2

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Immigration Essay Research Paper 2

Immigration Essay, Research Paper

& # 65279 ; Immigration is amoung the most compelling issues with which we as a state are faced.

The overpowering sum of human smuggling has set focal point on the in-migration Torahs in

Canada. Canadian in-migration Torahs have been under fire by many protest groups who feel the

Torahs are both racialist and male chauvinist. The issues environing the work in which immigrant adult females are

restricted to has become rather a subject of statement. Historically in-migration Torahs were

highly racialist and male chauvinist orientated. It is claimed that the current in-migration jurisprudence is both non-

biased and just, nevertheless there are many immigrants and Canadian citizens that would strongly

disagree. The media itself plays a immense function in how people form their positions sing

in-migration. Many are confident that in-migration promotes economic growing and maintain

Canada internationally competitory. However, there are others who express concern about the

impact in which in-migration and citizenship policies are holding upon the values and traditions

that form the foundation of Canadian society.

Immigration Torahs have become a really important issue in Canadian society today. There

is much contention over the procedure in which immigrants must undergo before being granted

Canadian citizenship. The increasing demands for skilled workers, instruction entry degree,

linguistic communication demands etc. , are being seen as racialist proposals for those who are seeking to come in

the state. There are three basic classs immigrants can fall under ; ( 1 ) Independent –

selected for their economic part, including skilled workers and concern immigrants. ( 2 )

Refugees & # 8211 ; includes Convention refugees and other displaced individuals resettled from abroad, with

authorities aid or private sponsorship, and individuals who have successfully claimed

Convention refugee position in Canada. ( 3 ) Family & # 8211 ; close household members sponsored by a

Canadian citizen or occupant, including partners, groom-to-bes, dependent kids, parents and

grandparents. Immigrants must run into the choice standards for the class in which they are

using. They must besides undergo extended medical scrutinies and background cheques.

Admission may be refused to individuals whose medical status represents a danger to public

wellness or inordinate demand on wellness or societal services, who have a condemnable background, or

who are considered a security hazard. ?

Canada is plagued by a history of racialist in-migration Torahs and policies. For decennaries

Canadian in-migration jurisprudence was influenced by a racialist, inspired? White Canada? policy. It was

non until the 1960 & # 8217 ; s with the execution of the points system that this policy was eliminated.

However a closer scrutiny reveals that this racism and cultural selectivity have non

disappeared. Endeavoring to continue the British character of Canada, governments directed their

attempts towards excepting certain people from entry, while promoting others to settle. The

Federal authorities decided in the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s to take action against Asiatic in-migration and

devised different methods for detering in-migration from China, Japan and India. Prime

Minister John A. Macdonald commented in the late 1800 & # 8217 ; s that a Chinese individual? was a

sojourner in a unusual land..and he has no common involvement with us, he gives us his labor and is

paid for it and is valuable, the same as a threshing machine or any other agricultural implement

which we may borrow from the United States, or hire and return to its owner. ? In order to

understand the racialist deductions associated with the in-migration jurisprudence of today we must first

understand how far it has come. In the early to mid 1900 & # 8217 ; s Orient immigrants or in fact any

immigrant that was non white was seen more of as a ownership and beginning of labor instead than

a citizen. However, today? s Torahs are still prejudiced. The Federal authoritiess in-migration

proposal, privileges English-speaking, educated elites who are rich plenty to afford

in-migration. At the same clip it denies those who are non fortunate plenty to larn the English

linguistic communication in their state of beginning. There is besides the demand of at least grade 12 instruction.

In many states, basic schooling merely goes to rate 10 or 11, once more a rejection that many of

these immigrants have no control over. Refugees are being treated as condemnable from the minute

they are granted citizenship. Many argue that these refugees should non be forced to give

fingerprints and other demands that are associated with felons and condemnable behaviour.

Another statement against the federal in-migration jurisprudence is that refugee claimants should be

assessed, non by an employee of or a member of the Federal authorities, but by an impartial

group of legal representatives.

During a clip in Canadian history when citizenship rights have been by and large bettering

for adult females, conditions have significantly deteriorated for domestic workers. The state of affairs for

immigrant adult females seeking citizenship in Canada has gotten worse. The conditions of domestic

work, particularly live-in service, were so unfavourable that Canadian-born propertyless adult females

refused to accept the occupations. The belief that adult females are dependent on their hubbies has become

a immense restraint on many adult females. Out of the three in-migration classs, adult females are must

probably to fall under the household category because of this belief of addiction on their hubbies.

Many adult females wear? Ts have entree to several of these demands in their states, hence

neglecting to run into the demand. Foreign-trained adult females physicians and applied scientists are working here as

baby-sitters and mill workers to pay the measures. York Professor Valerie Preston is working on a

undertaking analyzing the experiences of 24 adult females from Hong Kong and China life in Toronto.

If they aren? T working they have kids to take attention of, ? she said. ? They could non happen a manner

to pay for twenty-four hours attention at hours that they needed to either attend linguistic communication categories or to go to the

professional training. ? Her findings show that these adult females are willing to retrain but merely

can non afford to

. Many hence choose to take occupations outside of their professions because of this

long making procedures. The chief business in which adult females are allowed to come in Canada

is domestic labor. Since 1983, domestic workers can merely use for impermanent work licenses.

After this period is up, these adult females are so allowed to use for in-migration position, but probably

will be returned to their state of beginning. Many people argue that portion of the in-migration jurisprudence is

both racialist and male chauvinist. The basic rights and freedoms of these adult females are being rejected by the

Canadian authorities. Immigrant adult females are needed more than of all time to make full these domestic occupations,

nevertheless, the standards for really acquiring one of these occupations has been on the rise. The point system

assigned domestic workers low points for occupational accomplishment, occupational preparation and

experience, even if they had old ages of practical preparation and experience in the field. As a consequence,

most domestic workers could non run into the demands of the points system to come to Canada

as independent citizens. Therefore most domestic workers that came to Canada came as

impermanent workers. Women domestic workers have been forced to populate with their employers,

and at the same clip wage into authorities revenue enhancements such as the Canadian pension program and

unemployment insurance, which they are non permitted to roll up. Between 1973 and 1979

domestic workers paid every bit much as 11 million dollars in revenue enhancements without seeing any return. Several

adult females groups have protested but merely little additions have been achieved. They have found it

highly hard to afford the clip and money to larn the English linguistic communication and develop new

accomplishments that would assist them go through the in-migration demands once their work license had

expired. Domestic workers have been denied basic freedoms that other workers enjoy in modern

society: the freedom to take and alter businesss, to alter employers, to hold their ain

topographic points to populate, and to bask personal lives outside work and off from the direct control and

supervising of employers.

The attitudes and sentiments in which Canadian Born people form about in-migration

comes chiefly from the media. Newspapers such as the Toronto Star, portray immigrants as

being felons. Equally many as 600 Chinese immigrants have landed off the shores of British

Columbia last summer. This human smuggling has received a one sided position in a great trade of

the media. An article in the Toronto Star clearly demonstrates that these immigrants are non

having any understanding from the media. The article writes:

The migrators came to North America seeking to do a luck. They were

neither flying persecution nor confronting any menace to their lives. What they are

happening out is that Canada doesn? T offer refuge to every alien who turns up

uninvited on its shores & # 8230 ; It is a shame the migrators trusted international felons

to convey them to the land they call Gold Mountain & # 8230 ; .And it is a shame that

Canadian taxpayers are passing 1000000s of dollars to maintain the migrators in

British Columbia gaols. ?

It is extremely unjust to take a position such as this without cognizing the exact state of affairss why each of

these immigrants came to Canada. It is highly biased to presume the lone ground they came to

Canada was to do a luck, who is to state they weren? t confronting threaten fortunes in the

state in which they fled. It is believed that the migrators spent $ 40 000 ( US ) to be smuggled

into Canada. Many of these people likely spent all they had to these human runners, for a

warrant that they would go Canadian citizens. However the media would instead portray

these people as the felons alternatively of in many instances the victims. The point is non that these

immigrants should all be granted citizenship, merely that biased, racist decisions about these

peoples places should non be made without cognizing each persons personal state of affairs. The

media coverage environing the state of affairs with domestic workers has been minimum. The

fortunes around this issue have non been covered to the grade that it should. Many

peoples thoughts and feelings about in-migration come purely form media coverage. With small to

no media coverage on domestic workers it is really difficult for the populace to understand truly how

bad and unjust by Canadian criterions this is. The media may in fact be more concerned if it was

an upper category white male that was being exploited, instead than a female immigrant. If the media

would really give this state of affairs some positive coverage and demo the public how unjust it is,

so there is no uncertainty that this would assist to reshape the in-migration jurisprudence.

Immigration remains a compelling issue in Canada. Immigration Torahs will go on to

be questioned and challenged by those who feel the Torahs are racist, sexist and merely non just to

all persons. Hopefully the state of affairs environing immigrant adult females and more straight

domestic workers will be reformed in the close hereafter. The function of the media has a profound

consequence on peoples positions of in-migration. Peoples must look beyond what they read in the

newspaper or see on Television, and understand that the persons presenting these narratives might be

taking a colored point of position. One should seek to see both sides of the state of affairs before organizing

their ain sentiment. The determinations we made about in-migration in the yesteryear helped specify who we

are today. The determinations we make today will assist specify the state we live in tomorrow, and

go forth to future coevalss.


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