India: Technology Start-Ups in Emerging Markets

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India: Technology Start-Ups in Emerging Markets

 India: Technology Start-ups in Emerging Markets

MAN 4633: Foreign Direct Investment

Professor Jerry Haar

Table of Contents

Introduction        3

Opportunity        3

Angel Investors        5

Challenges        6

India as a Tech Hub        7

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem        8

Role of Governments in Sustaining the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem        9

Role of nonprofits in India        11

India’s entrepreneurial agenda and the success of techs startups        16


1) FLIPKART        17

2) ZOMATO        19

3) PRACTO        19

4) CUEMATH        20

5) FAIRCENT        21

6) ZOOMCAR        22


Technology is the future not only is it going to make our lives easier but it’s also going to lead to more sustainable methods of doing things. Our groups challenge was to investigate the opportunities and setbacks for tech startups in the emerging markets. Our country of choice: India. In this paper we analyzed the macro environment that these startups would be competing in as well the effects of culture, government policies and possibly barriers to entry on their success. We also take into account existing company and and NPOs and their effects of the destiny of India’s startups.


Opportunity in India’s start up community is abundant. With only 25 percent of the population of 1.2 billion is presently online, and fast-growing sales of smart phones fueling internet access at a furious pace the demand of products and services is sharply increasing. As more and more people gain access to the internet and will now have the ability to connect to not only the community around them but the world as a whole entrepreneurs who are able to fnd a niche market and exploit opportunity stand to make a killing. A report by the industry body National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) found that India is now the fourth largest startup hub in the world, with more than 3000 new companies. Over the next five years, that number is expected to grow to 11,500. It is being termed a gold rush. Several international firms are injecting large amounts of capital into India’s startup community including notable American companies.

After testing its startup mentor program in Israel, search giant Google is now turning its focus on Indian startups. The company has picked India to kick-start its startup mentorship program Launchpad this year, signaling its growing interest in Indian startups.

It launched the first of four such week-long programs, during which a set of mentors from Google and other companies will coach startups looking to grow. “This is one of our large scale new program offering,” said Sunil Rao, who heads the startup initiative for Google India. While Google has an interest in growing India’s digital economy, the startup program could also turn into a pipeline for Google’s investment arm.