Indian Restaurant Case Study Essay

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Indian Restaurant Case Study Essay

Porter’s five forces theoretical account will assist us to find in what ways this new venture will utilize it when believing about concern scheme and the impact of IT. 1. Buyer power: Buyer power is high when purchasers have many picks from whom to purchase. and low when there are few. As a supplier of the merchandise or services. we should ever wishes to cut down purchaser power. For this endeavor the purchaser power will be low because there is no other Indian eating house in that country. In add-on. the endeavor will maintain path of the clients who make their visit frequently to the eating house through truenesss plans. figure of times recognition card being used etc. and it is non executable without big –scale IT systems. 2. Supplier power: provider power is high when purchasers have few picks from whom to purchase. As a client of other provider organisations. you want to increase your purchaser power.

Over here. IT plays a critical function in conveying buyer-supplier together through cyberspace. IT-enable B2B e-marketplaces etc. For this concern the supplier power will be low. We can make a competitory advantage by turn uping alternate supply beginnings for the organisation. 3. Menaces of utility merchandise or services: It is high when there are many options to a merchandise or services. and low when there are few options from which to take. Ideally. we want it to be in the organisation in a market in which there are few replacements for the merchandises and services. In this venture if we talk about the handiness of the Indian nutrient in this country. the menace of replacement is really low.

But competition can be given other fast nutrient ironss like McDonalds. Wendy’s. domino’s etc. Over here we can take the aid of IT by supplying fast services to our clients by the aid of taking order online. thrust through etc. 4. Menace of new entrants: The menace of new entrant is high when it is easy for new rivals to come in a market. and low when the entry is non easy. Over here the menace of new entrant in this peculiar type of concern is low because it required high investing. engagement of hazard in forepart of the other fast nutrient ironss etc. 5. Rivalry among bing rivals: It’s high when competition is fierce in the market and low when competition is more self-satisfied. Over here there is no bing rival every bit far as the Indian eating house is concerned. But still we can acquire competition from other fast nutrient ironss who have already established themselves in the market.


Business intelligence is a cognition about your clients. rivals. concern spouses. competitory environment. and your internal operations that gives you the ability to do effectual. of import. and strategic concern determinations. It is an IT applications and tools that support the concern intelligence within an organisation. The aim of BI is to better the seasonableness and quality of the input for determination devising by assisting cognition workers to understand the a ) Capabilities available in the house.

B ) Trends and future waies in the markets.
degree Celsius ) Actions of rivals and execution of these actions. vitamin D ) Economic. political. societal. and regulative environments in which the house competes. Over here BI will assist us in acquiring cognition about rivals ; future chances of the concern and hence will assist us in efficiencies and take downing cost in internal operations of the eating house. Through BI we can happen out the concern schemes which have to be implied in the hereafter if restaurant faces a competition from other eating house or fast nutrient ironss. It is known that BI systems provide actionable information and cognition at the right clip. in the right location. in the right signifier.


A client relationship direction uses information about clients to derive penetrations into their demands. wants. and behaviour in order to function them better. Customers interact with companies in many ways. and in each interaction should be easy. and error free. It’s uncommon for a client to alter companies after holding a bad experience. The end of CRM is to restrict such negative interactions and supply clients with good experiences. Its dramas really of import function in the industry likes nutrient industry because one time client have a bad experience in it he will ne’er wish to come back.

So we should take attention of the quality of the nutrient and good client service. Not merely this we should besides take attention of the other installations which is to be provided to them like handiness of the wi-fi within the premises so that they can make at that place work online. now over here IT plays its function. We can besides supply installations like free place bringings. taking order online and they can book the tabular array in progress to keep any type of garnering similar graduation twenty-four hours. valentine twenty-four hours. birthdays etc. IT will assist us to heighten feedback from the client and therefore run into their demand every bit far as service is concerned. and they can besides give suggestion to better further.


Supply concatenation direction will play really of import function in this venture. IT will assist us in conveying together huge web of providers. Over here. in eating house concern we have to take particular attention about the quality of stuffs to be used. Supply concatenation direction will assist us in tracking reaching the day of the month of the stuff. expiry day of the month of it. besides help in tracking stock list and information about natural stuffs and their providers. Too many stuffs on manus agencies that excessively much money is tied up in stock list and besides increases the hazard of obsolescence. particularly in the instance of perishable goods. Too few stuffs on manus are non good either. So to avoid that state of affairs we can utilize merely in clip ( JIT ) attack. It will assist us in cut downing keeping cost.


To make tipping point in this venture. the chief focal point would be on client satisfaction and the quality of the nutrient because client wants value out of the money spent and it they get that value it will maintain conveying them. It can be done by utilizing distinction scheme and IT will play major function in this. We have to make be aftering. implementing and controlling of the operations to fulfill client demand every bit expeditiously as possible. We have to take attention of the motion and storage of natural stuffs. in- advancement stock list and all this can be done with aid of IT. Staff will besides play a major function in making to the tipping point. We will look for extremely skilled and experient staff for this. Importantly. all this would be offered to the clients at a sensible monetary value.