Indra Nooyi, Ceo of Pepsico Essay

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Indra Nooyi, Ceo of Pepsico Essay

Indra K. Nooyi. CEO and Chairman for PepsiCo. is one of the most powerful adult females in the concern universe. She has been systematically ranked among the top 50 most powerful places in the concern universe in magazines such as Forbes and Fortune. She presently holds the # 12 topographic point in Forbes overall rankings of “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. ” being first in the “female” concern class. ( Howard. Forbes. 2012 ) . Largely due to her leading. PepsiCo enjoys the # 41 topographic point in Fortune 500’s 2012 one-year rankings. ( Fortune. 2012 ) .

Nooyi earned a Bachelor’s grade in her native state of India at Madras Christian College and. from Calcutta’s Indian Institute of Management. she received her first Masters of Business Administration. Thereafter she was admitted to Yale University in the United States where she earned her 2nd M. B. A in Public and Private Management ( PepsiCo. n. d. . parity. 8 ) .

Prior to get downing her employment with PepsiCo in 1994 as its “chief strategist” ( Useem. 2008. parity. 2 ) . she worked for companies such as Motorola. Zurich-based Asea Brown Boveri. and the Boston Consulting Group. where she was to a great extent involved in and frequently taking the organisations strategic be aftering sections. Since get downing her employment with PepsiCo. Nooyi has steadily moved up the ranks of the company holding served as Senior Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Development and Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer until she was chosen in 2006 to be the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer ( PepsiCo. n. d. ) .

In add-on to her leading concern portfolio. Nooyi besides has fulfilled the functions as a married woman and female parent to two kids and obtained her American citizenship.

Organizational Structure
Nooyi leads PepsiCo’s multifaceted matrix-like planetary organizational construction where she has taken it from a “beverage” company to an organisation with 22 different trade name names which. in add-on to Pepsi-Cola. include Quaker. Tropicana. Gatorade and Frito-Lay ( PepsiCo. n. d. ) . Under Nooyi’s tuition. PepsiCo changed its organisational construction to a matrix manner to ease organisational growing and ease the way into a more in deepness planetary market. This passage enabled PepsiCo to pull off several different merchandise lines around the Earth while increasing the company’s efficiency and cut downing possible losingss ( Souperbiet. u. d. . skid 11 ) . PepsiCo now boasts three different distinguishable units: PepsiCo Americas Foods. PepsiCo Americas Beverages and PepsiCo International. Each of these units has its ain hierarchy of direction led by its ain CEO all of whom autumn under the leading of Indra Nooyi and her planetary vision ( Caggeso. 2007 ) .

Leadership Style
Nooyi has been described as “A caring CEO. ” ( Useem. 2008. parity. 5 ) and about every exposure of her on the cyberspace reveals a beautiful adult female with an award winning smiling and eyes that appear warm and compassionate. Indeed when she joins in the merriment singing karaoke at company get-togethers it is likely non excessively difficult to believe of her as merely another employee of PepsiCo non excessively far removed from those who work the production line at one of its mills. But yet. she is a adult female who. either from experience. instruction or intuitively. knows what motivates people as can be seen by her actions straight after she was chosen to head the company. She went straight to the individual with whom she competed for the top topographic point and convinced him to remain with the company and go her right-hand adult male. offering him whatever it took to actuate him to remain with PepsiCo and aid her in taking the company into a comfortable hereafter ( Useem. 2008. ) Nooyi one time stated. “I am a planetary mind in everything I do. ” ( Saporito. 2007. parity. 3 ) . and her vision of “Performance with Purpose” has so led the company in an upwards flight. with PepsiCo seeing steady net net incomes of all time since Nooyi took over the reins. She defines that vision as non so much about corporate answerability or societal duty but more about “sustainability on multiple degrees: homo. endowment and environment. ” ( Saporito. 2007. parity. 4 ) .

Her vision of shiftingthe company to bring forth more healthy bites and drinks is really basic in its design – a company can non go on if there are no clients to purchase its merchandises. Therefore her vision of transitioning towards a more wellness focussed production is one that her subsidiaries can easy back up. Drumhead

Indra Nooyi appears to be a adult female whose leading accomplishments and employment portfolio should be set as a templet for those come ining the concern universe. However even the best of programs can hold their reverses and bumps as can be seen with the recent Numberss out on PepsiCo. Although PepsiCo’s ended its twelvemonth with unequivocal net incomes and stockholder returns. it lost some market portion to its top challenger. Coca-Cola. Additionally some investors are forcing for the drink part of PepsiCo to go its ain separate company. To counter. Nooyi’s scheme appeared to be based on text edition BCG Matrix analysis. She reduced costs by cutting a little per centum of the work force. increased selling budget for some of the nucleus trade names launched a new merchandise. Pepsi Next. and reorganized her top direction places ( Howard. 2012 ) .

Whether these moves launch PepsiCo in another upward ascent or whether they prove to be the moves which set person else up to take over Nooyi’s top place remains to be seen. Regardless. being the strategian that she is trained to be. Nooyi has a program. “After PepsiCo. I do desire to travel to Washington. ” ( Useem. 2008 ) .

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