Is College the Best Option?

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Is College the Best Option?

Jessica Vargese


English 101

Final Draft

                          Is college the best option, by this I mean is it right for you?

Many people feel that college isn’t needed since you can get jobs with a college degree, while others say it is very much needed in this day and age to be successful. Is college the best option? Many seem to find themselves asking this question every day? I feel college is the best option because you can make connections with people gain skills and knowledge that you can use in life to succeed.

College is a place to further your education to better yourself and your future. It is always available and there isn’t a timeline for it. You can go when it’s most convenient or beneficial to you. Going to a community college it offers a chance for students to continue their education and pursue dreams they have never pursued before and her college experience showed her that he can learn in a quick time with less money and later move forward to a higher education…colleges give a chance to everyone who wants to follow their dreams a chance to do so.  By looking at the increase of earnings associated with an additional year of school to see the importance of your education. The more years you spend in college is more money earned in your career.