Is the Rage of Text Messaging Leading to Less Than Desirable Social Interaction Essay

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Is the Rage of Text Messaging Leading to Less Than Desirable Social Interaction Essay

As the universe embraces the technological knowhow. preferable manners of communicating have enormously changed from the antediluvian manners. One such current manners of communicating normally used is the text messaging. Text messaging is a manner of directing short written information to and from phone devices. Text messaging provides a fast. easy and distinct manner of reassigning information. Text messaging therefore plays an of import function in people’s life.

Texting is besides a reasonably nonthreatening manner to originate communicating with person versus a phone call or face to confront methods. which demand greater courage and frequently straightness of connotation. ( Rule of Thumb 24 ) Text messaging dramas an of import function in making and keeping societal interactions. Unlike the traditional ways in which friends had to go long distances to portion information. text messaging bridges the distance restriction and allows friends to portion information without holding to go.

Friends are able to maintain themselves updated with all affairs refering their friendly relationships. We can work. watch telecasting. sit in category or speak to friend while texting. ( Rule of Thumb 26 ) . Text messaging besides enables others to do new friends. Most significantly. text messaging enables the physically challenged besides to do portion of the socializing universe. Traditionally. the physically challenged by the fact that they can non go far were someway locked out of the societal web.

Through text messaging. this has been reversed. Another of import function text messaging dramas is by moving as reminders. Text messaging is a agency that has been and is really utile in reminding friends and familiarities about activities like meetings and parties among others. The fact that text messaging is inexpensive. fast and can be applied to many receivers at the same clip makes it outstanding for this reminder function. For case. pupils can remind their chaps on pending assignments.

At work topographic points. alternatively of traping written reminders on notice boards. text messaging can play effectual agencies of reminding staff of an approaching meeting. Similarly. text messaging dramas of import functions in public wellness sectors where patients are reminded through texts about their medical assignments. This unquestionably helps in get the better ofing forgetfulness. a factor that perilously affect medicine result through cut downing medicine conformity. Through text messaging. Bankss are able to remind their clients about pending minutess. These are ust but few illustrations. Text messaging plays an of import function in go throughing information in a fast and inexpensive agencies. In larning establishments like universities for case. text messaging plays an of import function in go arounding information such as alterations in talk locale and clip. make-up talks. and location of larning stuffs like press releases among others. Such information is normally really of import and needs fast and inexpensive agencies of go throughing information. Some recruiting houses have besides used text messages ( in combination with phone calls ) to corroborate their assignments.

In this sense. text messaging enables people to acquire of import information that helps them be at portion with their responsibilities in the society. Although all these are positive functions of text messaging. it has someway brought along some disadvantages. The fact that text messaging allows multitasking has made its usage be abused. Some people do text while driving. while others walk down on high ways with their faces wholly turned down on their phones. The fact that text messaging Bridgess distance has besides resulted in wellness jobs by promoting physical inaction.

Arguably. text messaging should be purposefully used for go throughing of import information and reminders and non to do distractions in categories and offices. Text messaging should besides be employed as a agency of directing warnings to alarm people of any possible dangers. As. texting is a manner of life. but it can non replace the human voice or touch. I believe that texting should be used for the of import presentments such as “I am running late” . “I am outside” . “I will name u later” etc. and most the most of import maintain it short.