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Similarities Between James Patterson? s


An essay

by Jody Prouse

James Patterson? s novels have made all the best marketer lists, won several awards, and some have even been made into major gesture images. Yet, through all his success, his composing formats are really similar. In the Alex Cross series, these similarities are more apparent due to the common formats used. In Hide and Seek, the similarities exist, but aren? T as obvious. An illustration of such would be the psychological jobs possessed by the felons in the novel. Other illustrations include the descriptions of the character? s feelings, relationships, and sexual activities happening during the novels read, or the demand for attending, which all the scoundrels crave. Each of which occur in every novel. James Patterson trades with the head, ideas and feelings likewise throughout his novels.

It is a common tendency among each of the novels, to denominate a character ( chiefly the scoundrel ) with some psychological job, or quandary. For case, in the fresh Kiss the Girls, Will Rudolph and Nick Ruskin experience a rare status, which Alex calls twinning. He explains it good when he says,

& # 8220 ; Twinning was caused by an impulse to bond, normally between two alone people. Once they? twin, ? the two become a? whole? ; they become dependent on each other, frequently compulsively so. Sometimes the? twins? go extremely competitory & # 8221 ; .

Another scoundrel, Gary Soneji, suffers from schizophrenic disorder ( his personalities mimic that of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde ) , in Along Came a Spider. Alex explains this construct when at a conference meeting at the prison.

& # 8220 ; He talks about? lost yearss, ? ? lost weekends, ? and even? lost weeks. ? In such a fugue province, a patient can wake in a unusual topographic point and have no thought how he got at that place, or what he had been making for a drawn-out period. In some instances, the patients have two separate personalities, frequently antithetical personalities & # 8221 ; .

James Patterson besides presents some interesting theories about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in the fresh Hide and Seek. Will Shepherd is forced to see his male parent commit self-destruction, and is traumatized for life. His changeless demand to accomplish personal flawlessness, and his homicidal impulses, harmonizing to Patterson, are caused by the event, and the related syndrome. He besides forces himself to set the universe? s weight on his shoulders. This is conveyed by the perennial lines, & # 8220 ; It? s all your mistake. It? s ever been your mistake & # 8221 ; . In all of the novels, the scoundrels possess some kind of psychological job, or status set uping the manner they react in assorted state of affairss.

It is a common scene to see the chief character autumn in love with another. In the novels Jack and Jill, Kiss the Girls, and Along Came a Spider, Alex falls in love with a adult females that he must work with to work out the instance at manus. Each of the novels describes the love affair in comparatively the same manner in each book. In Kiss the Girls, Alex develops a relationship with Kate McTiernan, a adult female abducted by Casanova.

& # 8220 ; We kissed gently. Just the briefest buss. There was something right about it

. I liked the feel of Kate? s lips, her oral cavity on mine. We kissed once more, possibly to turn out that the first one hadn? t been a error, or possibly to turn out that it had been” .

The relationship handily ends at the terminal of the novel, in clip for him to get down a new relationship in the following book. Similarly, Alex develops another relationship in Along Came A Spider. Jezzie Flanagan, who was in charge of the FBI agents sent to guard the kidnapped kids, is the guilty party in this instance. He finds himself easy falling in love with her. & # 8220 ; I wanted to be held by person right so. I think Jezzie did, excessively & # 8221 ; . Another illustration would be in Hide and Seek, when Maggie explains her feelings for her 2nd hubby, Patrick O? Malley. They are explained in comparatively the same manner,

& # 8220 ; I knew all about? falling from grace, ? but falling in love was something I realized I hadn? t truly understood earlier. It was go oning, easy, bit by bit, attractively, between Patrick and me. Day by twenty-four hours, our feelings for each other grew deeper and deeper. It was different from infatuation, which we? d experienced as good & # 8221 ; .

Feelingss and ideas, for another individual, are conveyed likewise and are apparent throughout all of the novels.

It has been proven that when babes cry, they cry to have attending. Patterson? s scoundrels are the same manner in every novel ; they must have the attending they think they deserve. In Jack and Jill, Danny Boudreaux is obsessed with ruling the media coverage, which has been occupied with the Jack and Jill slayers. He is quoted stating,

& # 8220 ; What do you believe of me now? ? How do I stack up against those bastards Jack and Jill? How about against the great Gary Soneji? & # 8221 ; .

This proves that he has a demand for attending, like many other scoundrels in Patterson? s novels. Will Rudolph is about the same manner ( in Kiss the Girls ) . This can be proven by his usage of Beth Liberman, journalist for the LA Times. His letters to her, picturing the full slaying in great item, down to the location and clip of decease of the organic structure. His menaces to kill her if they weren? T published were rather obvious. Therefore turn outing his compulsion with his personal coverage in the media. In Hide and Seek, Will Shepherd suffers from the same status. He is invariably coercing himself to travel on to bigger and better things, but is besides convinced that all his accomplishments merit acknowledgment. He moves from adult female to adult female, squad to team, like everything is touchable. & # 8220 ; The Blond Arrow needed to travel on to a much larger phase & # 8221 ; . Patterson? s villains posses egos that demand to be recognized for the immorality they commit.

James Patterson? s characters are really similar. The scoundrels in the novels possess many of the same features. Some include the changeless appetency for the acknowledgment of their accomplishments, and their psychological jobs that happen to be blighting them, and doing their actions. Besides, even though Alex Cross and Maggie Bradford, are from separate novels, they are both likewise in the fact that their emotions and dealingss with important others are described likewise. James Patterson trades with the mind, and other personal ideas in the same manner, in all his novels.