Jane Eyre Essay Research Paper The novel

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Jane Eyre Essay Research Paper The novel

Jane Eyre Essay, Research Paper

The novel, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte delivers a strong feminist message. Jane was a strong adult female in a clip when adult females were non meant to be strong. She was really out spoken ( even as a kid ) and really certain in her values and sentiments. She would non alter them for anyone. She did non even allow work forces command her, which is what was expected of adult females in this epoch.

Jane & # 8217 ; s father died when she was a small miss, go forthing her fundamentally on her ain. The lone family she had that she knew of was an aunt that saw her as nil but a load and treated her cruelly. Her three cousins were merely as bad, which farther distressed her state of affairs. Jane & # 8217 ; s merely flight from populating with these atrocious people was the purdah she found in books. Any clip she had trim clip she would read. It is Jane & # 8217 ; s love for reading and the cognition she gained from them that gives her the power to eventually stand up to her aunt. Her aunt finally gets rid of Jane by directing her to a really rigorous get oning school designed for orphans called Lowood.

At Lowood Jane befriends a miss by the name of Helen Burns. When she foremost meets Helen, she sees her being punished in forepart of her full category for virtually no ground. After witnessing this incident, Jane negotiations to Helen about it because she does non understand why she did non defy the instructor she says:

You are good to those who are good to you. It is all I of all time desire to be. If people were ever sort and obedient to those who are barbarous and unfair, the wicked people would hold it all their ain manner: they would ne’er experience afraid, and so they would ne’er change, but would turn worse and worse. When we are struck at without a ground, we should strike back once more really difficult ; I am certain we should-so difficult as to learn the individual who struck us ne’er to make it once more ( p. 60 ) .

This quotation mark show

s Jane’s strength and finding, which demonstrates her inclination to stand up to those who treat her unjustly.

While at Lowood the reader besides starts to see one of Jane & # 8217 ; s weaknesses & # 8211 ; she urgently needs people to love her since she was without love for so long at Gateshead. She receives this love from Helen and the caput of the school, Miss Temple. Unfortunately Helen dies after Jane being there merely a short clip. Jane finishes her schooling at Lowood and begins to learn at that place. Eventually Miss Temple gets married and leaves. Since Miss Temple moves on, Jane has nil left there and takes a Governess occupation at Thornfield that she knows nil about.

At Thornfield, the caput of the house is Mr. Rochester, a Bachelor who took in a kid named Adele after her female parent died. It is possible that Rochester is her male parent. Mr. Rochester is about twice the Jane & # 8217 ; s age, which is merely 18 at the clip. When she foremost meets him, he comes off as rude and condescending. Jane exhibits, one time once more, her ability to stand up for herself in one of the really first conversations she has with him stating:

I don & # 8217 ; t believe, sir, you have the right to command me, simply because you are older than I, or because you have seen more of the universe than I have ; your claim to high quality depends on the the usage you have made of your clip and experience ( p. 137 ) .

This citation shows that Jane does non allow herself be intimidated by him even though he is male, he is much older than her, and he is her foreman.

Jane and Mr. Rochester, in clip, come to bask each other & # 8217 ; s company and stop up falling in love. Rochester finally proposes to Jane and she accepts. After she & # 8230 ;

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