Labor Accidents in Oil and Gas Industry in 2010

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Labor Accidents in Oil and Gas Industry in 2010


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The United States department of labor in occupational safety and health administration estimates over 4.5 hundred thousand workers working in the oil and gas industry in 2010. The laborers are involved in various activities for the industries like drilling and servicing of wells. Over the years from 2003 to 2010, death of about 823 workers were reported in the oil and gas sector which is way higher than in 1990s. Any asset like refinery, oil production platform or gas industry has to have safety as a major concern in every phase. Also since the oil and gas industry has become more challenging over the years since the uptime has to be maximum and cost has to be minimal. At the same time the safety and health of the employees is a concern, so human factors comes into play by making all the operations safe and efficient and by optimizing the human performance in the daily operations. The errors need to be reduced and the safety needs to be increased. At times the accidents are predictable according to the organizations history.   Some of the past   about The introduction section should include relevant background information about the domain of this research (such as aviation, etc.), about the tools/methods used, and the importance of a possible impact from this work. This information may include, but is not limited to, definitions, theorems, equations, historical information, relevance to the Industrial Engineering profession, and importance of the knowledge gained. You should also state all questions to be answered within the report. These questions will generally be those stated in the assignment restated as goals or questions that the experiment seeks to answer.

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