Last runway show Essay

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Last runway show Essay

Some say that you are merely every bit good as your last track show. your last accomplishment. And every now and so you have to turn out yourself worthy because we all have to travel frontward and confront more challenges and obstructions in our life. It is how the manner our life works. if we stop traveling frontward. we besides risk the opportunities of populating a happy and beautiful life.

I was ever an overachiever and I have wanted things that have challenged me to be overcome and to get the better of it successfully. I have ever worked on clip. wanted to non make deadlines. afraid that I do non hold clip to use alterations if necessary. I followed a rigorous agenda and I had the subject to make so. I was organized and I had my ain system on how my organisation will follow. I ne’er asked for anything else because I knew that if I worked hard for what I want. I will acquire. But I was incorrect.

I did non take failure lightly. particularly neglecting an test. It was the test that could hold changed my life. It was the test that I wanted to breeze through out of all the tests that I took before it. I ne’er wanted to cognize the consequences when I took this test because somewhere interior of me I knew I was traveling to neglect. And that was non like me at all. I was ever excited to happen out the consequences of an test or a competition that I joined because I know I did so good there was non a opportunity that I would non acquire what I want. But this clip was different. I failed. There is no 1 else to fault for this failure other than myself. I will hold to bolt up my pride and allow this setback take control of my life. For now. at least.

It has been hebdomads now and for some clip I realized that failure is merely a portion of life. I was so consumed by all the success that I have had for the past old ages in my life that I ne’er understood the importance of neglecting. It made me understand things more. It really made me acquire to cognize myself more because I got to measure some issues about how I approached the test. about my programming. and largely about how chesty I have become. I thought that possibly it was fate’s program to set me through all of these and carry with me on my manner out a womb-to-tomb lesson that I have ne’er encountered before because it is the first clip that I failed on something major and life changing.

I would non state that I loved the experience. but I would state that I would non desire this to turn out any other manner than it did now. I am non afraid to take any test or even this same test once more. Because I have faith in myself that I would now make better than I did the first clip. I learned that I can make out to other people when I need them and that they are willing to assist me if I merely asked. I knew who my existent friends are. Those who do non look at me lowly even if I went through this. those who gave me more support alternatively of laugh at me. and most particularly those who encouraged me to non be afraid to seek once more.

If this of all time happens once more. I know I have these people to run to. If this happens once more I will now hold the strength to accept failure and feel as if it is a portion of everybody’s life. and non merely mine. I know I can confront whatever challenge that lies in front of me. because I realized that there is more to life than winning. and it’s really losing. Losing is non a bad thing ; it is ever a good thing. It is when you can measure yourself and acquire to cognize yourself more. Look at your failing and strategic failures and larn where you will be tweaking for the following challenge that comes your manner. We do non ever acquire what we want. it sounds cliche’ but there is a ground behind it. There is something better for us out at that place and we have got to lodge long plenty to happen it and acquire our happy stoping.