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Learner Identity Essay

I ever perceive this society as a acquisition society where in our mundane life we can acquire assorted chances to larn things that involvement us. Learning is a womb-to-tomb procedure as it continues until one dies. But the most important stage of organizing a scholar individuality is the school traveling stage for everybody.

School does non merely give formal instruction. but it besides enriches one with those cognitions that one wants to larn from his or her ain involvement. It is non that everyone possesses similar involvement ; involvement country varies from one individual to another. The of import thing is for everybody there is normally an involvement country in which one attempt to fit himself/herself with more cognition. This sort of cognition assemblage in ain involvement country forms a scholar individuality along with doing the manner of organizing a professional individuality in the similar field.

In this paper I will seek to discourse how my ain scholar individuality has been shaped through my experiences in my school.

I have a really interesting history of my schooling. The schools traveling stage of my life has non been really smooth. I have had to contend with some obstructions that disrupted my school traveling stage to a big extent. But the good thing is that all these obstructions did non halt me learning things that involvement me.

Here I will discourse how my acquisition individuality has been developed. what were the factors that forced me to stop my formal instruction. the obstructions that I face in carry throughing my aspirations. and the factors that led me to fall in school one time once more and go on my formal instruction. Along with these I will besides discourse my hereafter as a scholar and how I will determine that flight.

Let us first start with analysing how my scholar individuality has been shaped through my school experiences. Before discoursing my ain experiences as a scholar. it will be better to understand the general procedure developing learner individuality as it will assist in understanding the procedure of formation of my ain individuality of a scholar.

When a pupil goes to school. he/she non merely read text books. fix himself/herself for acquiring good Markss in scrutiny. but he/she besides capitalize on those chances which help him/her to larn several facets associating to of his/her life and the outer universe. Before placing and understanding scholar individuality. it is necessary to understand what is really meant by the term ‘learning’ . The definitions of larning which are normally used in order to understand larning by and large focus on alterations in the behaviour of people which continues over clip ( Gange et al. 2004 ) .

For illustration. one kid learns how to play a piano one twenty-four hours and can still play it a twenty-four hours. a hebdomad. even a hebdomad or a twelvemonth subsequently. This sort of acquisition can be defined as that type of larning which lasts for long. This kind of larning continues beyond the clip of initial larning stage. If a pupil learn a thing in such a manner that his or her learning endures for long. so the people who are involved in doing the pupil to larn the thing. e. g. parents. instructors. or other people. becomes really happy as they can so believe that their attempts did non travel in vain and the pupil so is characterized as a good scholar who is capable of using his larning throughout his activities over clip.

But it is non that all kind of acquisition stopping points for long. There exists certain type of larning which putrefies over clip. Basically when a pupil privation to larn things merely to go through his/her tests. so the content of acquisition does acquire easy forgotten. Suppose a pupil is taking on-line class in European History. These sorts of classs require a pupil to fit important events which make displacements in civilization.

The pupil may attentively make the class. maestro himself in the intended content of the class. take the trial on the topic under consideration and may execute rather good. But the pupil will bit by bit bury most the content which he has learnt through the class as his chief motivation was to go through the trial.

Learner individuality does organize merely through that larning which lasts for long and which is non intended to go through the trial merely. This kind of larning comprises of those larning which are achieved though mundane experiences of life. peculiarly the experiences from schools yearss. However. there is another kind of larning that grows over clip and play a really important function in organizing scholar individuality. For illustration. a pupil who learns how to play piano. may demo his/her involvement in larning different kinds of melody. With continued aid from the teacher he learns to play the piano in much better manner over clip. ( Wenger. 1998 ; Osguthorpe. 2006 ) .

After understanding what larning really stands for. it would be rather easy for me to discourse my ain learning history in order to analyse how my ain acquisition individuality has been shaped. Since my childhood. I have been rather interested about societal issues. While other pupils dreamt of determining up their calling as applied scientists. physicians. designers. etc. I dreamt of being a good and responsible citizen and to take an active portion in the procedure of improvement of our society.

Hence. since my early school yearss the topic which dealt with ethical issue attracts me most and I ever had a inclination to get the hang my ego in this country. Through text books I get know assorted features which a good citizen should possess. But my acquisition in this country did non halt here. My aim was non to acquire good tonss. but to fit myself with necessary thoughts in the country of my involvement.

I ever kept inquiring my instructors. my parents. and my seniors in my schools about how I can go a better individual. I besides tried to larn from the events that occur around me. such as in schools. in society. and so on. I did non larn things in the country of my involvement merely to larn them. but to implement my acquisition in pattern.

For illustration. I got to cognize that every organic structure should be treated every bit in our society. Although I did non had much thought about what the word ‘democracy’ stands for. what I knew and still carry through is that every pupil irrespective of societal or economical position. colour. faith etc. must acquire equal intervention organize their equals every bit good as instructors. ( Osguthorpe. 2006 ; Maryanski. 1998 ; Parsons. and Shils. 1976 ; Ritzer. 1983 ) .

One event which helped a batch in determining my scholar individuality was an event in my school that took topographic point when I was in 7th criterion. One twenty-four hours I saw that during the tiffin interrupt a group of my seniors was doing merriment of one my category mates. I went to them and asked them why they were express joying at my schoolmate.

Then I came to cognize that they were doing merriment of his tiffin as he could merely convey two pieces of butter toasts everyday as he did non belong to a comfortable household and hence could non afford to convey other type of nutrients. Actually they were doing merriment of his poorness. Although I was younger. but I protested their action and told them that it’s non his or his family’s mistake to hold hapless economical position and our instruction teaches us to handle everyone every bit. non to do merriment of others for their defects.

They understood my point and refrained from their black act. My instructors and other seniors besides appreciated my move as I tried to use my acquisition in mundane life other than merely to utilize them for acquiring good Markss. When I became a small older I besides confronted one of my instructors as he was biased towards those who belong to upper category of the society. peculiarly the 1 who belonged to the households of the school’s legal guardian. I. nevertheless. admired some of my instructors as their first precedence was to go good and responsible instructors who did non confined themselves to learning of text books. but learning ethical values.

All these events and experiences have shaped up my individuality of a scholar. As I became older and upgraded to higher criterions in my school an aspiration to go a sociologist had started to turn within me. Actually I want to seek for better ways through which society becomes cleaner and it becomes possible to guarantee that democracy is being exercised in its true sense. In order to carry through my dream was to go a sociologist as a sociologist can see the society and prescribe solutions to bing jobs in a much better manner. Bing a good scholar of societal and ethical issues. I found myself better equipped with sociological thoughts than my equals. ( Turner and Stets. 2005 ; Lenski. 2005 ; Maryanski and Turner. 1992 ) .

I. nevertheless. had to take a sad determination sing continuance of my formal schooling four old ages ago. That clip I was in my twelveth criterion and I had to go forth my school due to a figure of non-conducive societal and economical factors. Thorough acquisition of assorted soxciological books and articles has helped to place the factors for my ain. The factors which were responsible for this determination were s follows:

First. at that place occurred a sudden autumn in the economic status of our household. My male parent. the chief earning member of our household lost his occupation four old ages ago on history if a fatal accident which did halter his encephalon. Since so he has been populating a mentally paralytic life. This has hurt fiscal status of our household really severely.

Since he lost his occupation. our household has been lasting on the little nest eggs of my male parent and the really small wages that my female parent and I get from our portion clip occupation. I am non the lone kid of my parents. I have three siblings and my parents have to supply basic demands for all four of us. Most the money that my parents get at the terminal of the month gets to pass over nutrient and house rent. Thus it became really hard to go on our survey.

Second. our society is dominated by rich. We. the hapless. are mere marionette in the custodies of them. In every socio-economic infinite they make such regulations and ordinances which would profit them merely. The school. which is supposed to hold an entree for all in a democratic state. is in pattern a mere resort area for the rich.

Four old ages ago the board of the school which is comprised merely of the affluent people had all of a sudden decided to raise fees to such an extent that it becomes wholly impossible for pupils like us to afford that. The board has been so rough that they did non believe of the hereafter of those pupils who do non belong to comfortable households. Even after the loss of my father’s occupation my household continued our formal schooling for three months. But the sudden rise in the fees of the school forced me to go forth school. ( Lenski. 1966 ) .

Third. in malice of holding hapless fiscal status along with addition in the school fees. my parents did non desire me to stop my formal instruction. But I took this determination by myself as I realized what kind of job they are traveling though. Apart signifier this. I am the senior boy of my household. and I thought it’s my duty to assist my parents in such a critical state of affairs. I besides did non desire my younger siblings to stop their schools so I tried to acquire a occupation alternatively of go oning my instruction. ( Turner and Stets. 2005 ; Lenski. 2005 ; Maryanski and Turner. 1992 ) .

I ever tried to being a good and responsible individual since my childhood. At the clip when my household was traveling through critical stage I had merely two options- either to go on my survey without paying attending to what my household is traveling through. or to stop my survey and assist my household to retrieve itself from this stage.

The first options seemed to be rather non-humanitarian. If I had wished. I could hold forced my female parent to go on my schooling by any how. even at the disbursal of stoping schooling of my siblings. But my scruples did non let me to take the first option opened to me. Actually I saw this as a closed option which I did non afford to travel for. ( Turner and Stets. 2005 ; Lenski. 2005 )

I did. nevertheless. do a semen back to my school after two old ages and completed my schooling by giving the trial of category 12 and went for university surveies. The factors that led me to take the determination for come back were as follows:

First. my female parent got a good occupation two old ages ago and fiscal status of my household started to better. This altering scenario has helped me a batch to take such a determination.

Second. I did non really accept the manner I had been forced to go forth my formal schooling due to sudden undue rise in school fees. I did non accept the deep rooted societal thought that hapless will ever be deprived of acquiring the chances to hold a better life. I learned that everybody has equal right to take a good and healthy life. Particularly. in the field of instruction. my sociological position said that everybody irrespective of socio-economic position should of equal right.

I did non desire that this sort of tendency where hapless have to give at the terminal would go on for long. Bing a good and responsible citizen I wanted to take an active portion in the reformation of the society. But in order to that proper instruction was necessary. My instruction was non plenty to carry through my dream. and hence I left my parttime occupation and inscribe myself into school one time once more.

( Sanderson. 1999 ; Turner. and Stets. 2005 ; Maryanski and Turner. 1992 ) .

I have enrolled myself into university for undergraduate degree of survey and have been specialising in sociology as mastering in this topic would assist me in carry throughing my dream. I see myself as a good citizen and responsible sociologist. who throughout his life has learned how to do a good societal order.

I do non desire to restrict myself to the text book surveies and giving tests. instead I want to implement my acquisition in pattern in my hereafter. In order to accomplish this end I will upgrade myself to much higher degree of survey and along with articulation the organisations who work for societal causes. ( Sanderson. 1999 ; Turner. and Stets. 2005 ; Maryanski and Turner. 1992 ) .

Critical contemplation of the assignment:

This assignment has helped to understand my ain scholar individuality. I have ne’er thought of this individuality to such a luxuriant extent. While making this assignment. my country of involvement and future aims becomes rather clearer. While composing this paper I research a figure of surveies that trades with importance of instruction in our life and how every organic structure should turn a scholar individuality in his/her country of involvement.

Through this assignment I looked back my yesteryear which. I suppose. would give me much strength to organize my hereafter. I ne’er thought of future flight in the country of larning in such a systematic manner. Through this assignment I become able to remind me of my societal duty along with my professional aim one time once more.

This paper. nevertheless. has a defect. In this paper I have mentioned that I want to organize a strong scholar individuality through the execution of my acquisition for practical intents instead than set it in the shelf. But I did non advert intricately. chiefly due to apace restriction of the assignment. about how I would implement my scholar individuality in my mundane life. I. nevertheless. gave some illustrations of how I utilized my acquisition in my school yearss and is still using in signifier of determining up my future ends.

Following clip. I would. nevertheless. want to concentrate on the manner through which I can implement my tilting. how as a sociologist I would assist to organize a better society where there will be non-conflict between rich and hapless.

In this paper. I used struggle sociological position in order to analyze my scholar individuality. Following clip I would instead desire to to boot take into history some other sociological position. like functionalist attack. to make the assignment.

The strongest portion of the paper is the subdivision where I discussed how I formed my scholar individuality and illustrated the factors that forces me to go forth school and the factors that help me to do a semen back determination. Because here I attentively utilized conflict-sociological position to place the factors. along with discussing and construing my scholar individuality.

The weakest portion. on the other manus. is the description of future flight. This subdivision needs much more amplification. Although in many topographic points across the paper I mentioned and described about my hereafter aims. this countries has got relatively smaller focal point individually.


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