Mariquina: The Fall of a Shoemaker

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Mariquina: The Fall of a Shoemaker

Jiana Pamela Edades

Prof. Audrey Mirasol

Eng 10 THV3

June 1, 2016

Mariquina: The Fall of a Shoemaker

Mariquina is a movie directed by Milo Sogueco and produced by Marie Pineda and Krisma Maclang Fajardo. It was released in 2014. It opens up with Romeo Guevarra falling off a bridge, an old master shoemaker in Marikina. The heartbreaking story follows Imelda, her daughter, on her quest to find the perfect classic wingtip shoes for her deceased father, but it is not only shoes that she finds in this journey. She rediscovers herself as she recounted the bittersweet memories of her childhood, through flashbacks and how she transpired to apathetic woman she had become.

There are so many notable aspects in this film, which was brought about by its remarkable elements. The film’s screenplay was written by Jerrold Tarog. It is well-crafted, alternating between the present and the flashbacks of the past. The story’s plot starts off with Imelda seemingly unaffected by her father’s death. This peculiar reaction is bound to raise questions in the minds of the audience. By slowly unraveling Imelda’s past, the screenplay’s structure was successful in getting the audience hooked on what is going to happen next in the hopes of finding the questions to their answers. This was kept up until the end of the movie. Tarog’s music also heightened the acting prowess of the actors. It heightened the audience’s feelings. It communicated what the character’s dialogues and expressions cannot further relay. Mundane wordless scenes spoke volumes as much as verbal scenes did because of the exceptional choice of music.