Marketing and Communication Plan Akuafo Hall

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Marketing and Communication Plan Akuafo Hall

Strategic Plan for Akuafo Hall’s Marketing and Communication

The purpose of this strategic communication plan is to support the objectives and goals for an organized communication system for Akuafo Hall. It will serve as the Hall’s formal communication plan and represent a framework for managing and coordinating all internal and external communication regarding the Hall from the Alumni perspective. This document will seek to achieve a communication instrument conducive to accomplishing clear branding and consistent messages; articulating the Hall’s mission, vision, and goals; and adopting a culture of uplifting the values of Akuafo hall and projection of those values through the Alumni network to raise funds for continuous maintenance of the core values and activities of the Hall.

Background of Hall

Akuafo Hall, also referred to as the Hall of Excellence, is the second Hall of residence to be established in the University of Ghana, then the University College of the Gold Coast. The Membership of Akuafo Hall has remained the same since its inception; it consists of the Hall Master, Fellows, Honorary and Associate Fellows and Junior Members.

The Hall Master is elected by Fellows, whiles Fellows are assigned to the Hall by the Vice Chancellor. Honorary and Associate Fellows are elected by Fellows while Junior Members are assigned to the Hall as members in Statu pupilari. The Administration of Akuafo Hall is supervised by a Governing Council consisting of all the Fellows assigned to it by the Vice-Chancellor. The Hall Council consists of the Hall Master, the vice Hall Master, the Senior tutor, the Deputy Senior tutor, the President of the Senior Common Room, the Chapel Warden, the Hall Librarian, the Bursar(as Secretary), one representative of Junior workers, and two Junior Members representing the Junior Common Room(JCR) which is the student body of the Hall.