now add these commands to your autoexec.cfg locate

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now add these commands to your autoexec.cfg locate

d in your sierra/half-life/dod folder
right click the autoexec file and open as a txt file and goto the last line
and hit enter
cl_particlefx 0 (turns particles off)
cl_weatherdis 0
(weather effects tuned down if present, improves fps allot)
loadas8bit 1
that makes the 16-bit sounds load as 8 bit sounds saving cpu cycles for
video rendering rather then sound cpu cycles
cl_download_ingame 0
disables ingame downloads
voice_enable 0
disables voice comm, less memory usage
cl_allowupload 0
disables uploading decals
cl_bulletejects 0
stops shells ejecting from guns, improves fps allot when firing
cl_himodels 0
turns high quality models off
gl_max_size 256
lower quality player model textures
cl_minimap 0
turns minimap off, improves fps allot
cl_numshotrubble 1
less rubble, more fps
_ah 0
turns autohelp off, boosts fps a bit
now save your autoexec file and if you want to get rid of some of the
commands u don’t like, just erase those lines of text, dont however delete
the autoexec, it is needed
ok so now, your dod is running a bit smoother, its loading a bit faster,
but your still not satisfied??
theres a bunch of commands at
then goto the tweaks section and those are all the HL commands known to man
still need to tweak your comp?
try this site
annoyed by those overhead icons on your teamates?
cl_identicon 0
(please tell me if that works)
if not i can put a zip file up with sprites i made to make them non-visible
also download a program called ramidle and tweakui from
this is very important also, make sure that you have as FEW possible
programs running when you start up windows, in my case when i start up
windows i have 2 programs running, systray and explorer, for windows 98 run
a program called msconfig and REM out programs you dont need running
now here is the SMG and MG strategy part for low enders
since 1.0, lower fps rates and mgs and smgs firing cause a problem, more
sparratic and totally uncontrollable fire, and also, some bullets are not
killing the enemy, here is a small temporary fix to that
i have tested many strategies and this works the best
load up dod goto your favorite server, pick up your weapon of choice
(automatic weapon) goto a slow spot of a map where your system is dying,
firing full auto, now reload and goto a nice spot indoor where your fps is
smooth and fluid
go full auto, and you will see this weird fps dependant smg and mg bug
in high fps spots u can control easier and in low fps spots its difficult
now heres what you do, burst fire…click 3-4 times and repeat to make it
almost semi-automatic, this will make your gun easier to control and i
guarantee you will get more kills this way
have anything for me to add? pm me
thanks in advance for all your comments and support
Originally posted by IndoblehDNR
these settings will make the game pretty blurry but you will have much
higher FPS
if you have 99 FPS already and want higher quality, look at the bottom
note – you should add -zone 4096 to your command line to load a large
autoexec.cfg script
//CS Configs – eek
//This config is designed to give you the highest possible FPS that
//your machine can give when playing CS. Lewis has played with the
//graphic settings in CS to hopefully give you a higher frame rate.

//To load. Rename this config to autoexec.cfg (if you already have a
//autoexec.cfg then copy non graphic settings into this new autoexec.cfg).

//Place the autoexec.cfg in your /cstrike/ folder, where you find your

// Note: back up your configs.

//By Lewis
cl_himodels “0”
gl_cull “1”
gl_clear “1”
gl_dither “1”
gl_polyoffset “4”
gl_overbright “1”
gl_flipmatrix “0”
gl_monolights “0”
gl_keeptjunctions “0”
gl_ztrick “1”
gl_d3dflip “0”
gl_texsort “0”
gl_playermip “1000”
gl_round_down “1000”
gl_smoothmodels “0”
gl_wateramp “0”
r_mmx “1”
r_dynamic “0”
r_shadows “0”
r_decals “0”
r_mirroralpha “0”
s_a3d “0”
s_a3d “0”
s_reverb “0”
s_eax “0”
max_shells “0”
max_smokepuffs “0”
fastsprites “2”
// the next one will turn your gun off too, erase it
// if you want to see the gun in your hand
r_drawviewmodel “0”