Of Mice and Men Essay

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Of Mice and Men Essay

Steinbeck uses many techniques to show the characters of Lennie and George in ‘Of Mice and Men’ . This in bend so reveals many penetrations into what may go on to the two characters as the novel progresses. The reader can state tonss about Lennie through the description of his character’s physical expressions and actions ‘opposite. a immense adult male. shapeless of face. ’ •From this physical description. the reader can analyze that Lennie is the barbarian character. He is featureless. an image of an animate being with the basic inherent aptitudes to remain alive. He is highly strong and really big.

However. we can see that his encephalons are merely a bantam proportion to his physique. The fact that Lennie is walking behind George mirrors their relationship. Lennie is in tow following. •The reader’s beliefs that Lennie is non smart are confirmed by actions soonafter: ‘dabbled his large paw in the H2O and wiggled his fingers so the H2O arose in splashes. ’This shows a really childly image of Lennie. He looks like a beast yet his head hasn’t entered the basic phases of adolescence. That is why he is fascinated by H2O splashes. or touching fur and soft stuff.

Therefore. this foreshadows the fact that when Curly’swife offers Lennie to play with her hair. he will non decline and acquire into problem The reader can besides see that Lennie does non cognize his ain strength: ‘I pinched they’re caputs a small and they was dead. ’The reader can see that Lennie can non judge his ain strength. It empathises his carnal inherent aptitudes and how he is strong. but he does non cognize it. He will make whatever he thinks is best when he is in problem. wholly flinging the fact that he is in the civilized universe.

The reader gets an image of a bear seeking to populate with worlds. This besides foreshadows that Lennie will kill the whelp and Curly’swife. •George is the adult male who looks after him. it is a eldritch coupling as they both act and look wholly different: ‘small. strong custodies. slender weaponries. ’Steinbeck describes George in item to contrast the description of Lennie. This suggests that George is the civilized adult male of the brace. The fact that his organic structure is developed mirrors his crisp encephalon. Therefore. this is a complete contrast of the character of Lennie.

George besides has defined emotions. one of these is his short pique: ‘Jesus Jesus! You’re a brainsick asshole! ’This shows that George sometimes feels annoyed at the stupidity of Lennie. He loses his pique as he hits the bound on how much more of Lennie he can take. He feels Lennie is a load and Acts of the Apostless that manner although in secret he needs Lennie’s company. This foreshadows that George easy can non get by and finally will non be able to any longer. It shows that George will finally hold to kill Lennie in order to populate his ain life.