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There is a guy there who opened a very nice eco-hotel/camp, and he started working with the Bedouins and international volunteers to provide better agriculture techniques to them, help eradicate illiteracy among the boys and girls, teach them about the environment..etc. A few years ago, he was able to start bringing some of their produce to Cairo, but it takes a lot of funds to transport them and to market them. This guy is working alone and with his own funds, coupled with the help of his volunteers. This is why I am hoping to be able to contact Fair Trade to help with the funding and know-how. (or maybe look for other sources of funding)

Also, there is a professor at Helwan University who managed with the help of the Germans to register all the plants and herbs in this area and

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We will have a scheduled Pre-flight training to help familiarize you with WebEx. We ask that you please attend the session, which is TBA! Upon hearing back from TC’s multimedia services, we will schedule this training before class begins. Prior to your WebEx pre-flight training you will need to get the WebEx learning platform downloaded onto your computer. Directions for this will arrive under separate cover.