Muscle of upper torso Origin Insertion Action
Deltoid – anterior – lateral – posterior clavicle and scapula humerus shoulder abduction – flexion – extension & rotation
Pectoralis major clavicle, sternum and ribs humerus shoulder adduction (horizontal)
rhomboids major & minor (back between shoulder blades) cervical and thoracic vertebrae scapula shoulder girdle retraction (squeeze shoulder blades together)
trapezius upper base of skull and cervical vertebrae clavicle and scapula lateral flexion of the neck roation of the neck adduction of scapula rotation of scapula
trapezius middle thoracic vertebrae scapula adducts scapula elevates scapula
trapezius lower thoracic vertebrae scapula depresses scapula
supra.spinatus (rotator cuff) scapula humerus assist deltoid in shoulder abduction
infran.spinatus (rotator cuff) scapula humerus laterally rotates & adducts shoulder
teres major & minor (beneath rhomboids) scapula humerus shoulder extension & adduction
pectoralis minor (front chest) ribs scapula depresses scapula elevates ribs 3-5 during forced inspiration

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