Parenting Style

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Parenting Style

  1. In not less than 5 sentences, think what kind of parenting style you were reared. Are you happy in that kind of style?

As a kid, I think my parents reared me with an authoritative style of parenting, their behavior as a parent is that they want me to listen to their point of view and take it into account, they also allowed me to have freedom but have consistent rules and boundaries. My parents are very warm and supportive at me, they want me to be independent but still place limits on my actions. Even with high set of standards of behaviour and achievement, they are usually forgiving of any possible shortcomings and help me  find appropriate outlets to solve problems.

As a kid I thought thay they were very demanding but as I grew up I want to thank them for helping me grow as a person.

  1. In not less than 5 sentences. If you become a parent already, what style of parenting will you be practicing?

If I were to be a parent already, I would used the style that my parents had brought me up. As a parent, I want to show respect for my children as an independent, rational being. I want to set clear standards for my children, monitor the limits that they set, and also allow them to develop autonomy and independence. I’ll give  positive encouragement at the right places. However, when punishing them, I want to explain the motive for their punishment, I’ll be giving them positive discipline instead of punitive.