Proposal to Improve Recycling Habits in the City of Plano Essay Sample

Everyday citizens of Plano. Texas are faced with the determination of whether or non to recycle. Without an equal recycling system in the metropolis. our immediate environment could confront serious effects. Statisticss from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency show that in 2009. the sum of rubbish sent to landfills countrywide averaged about three lbs daily. per individual. in contrast to about one and one-half lbs of stuffs recycled ( Environmental Protection Agency. 9 ) . Recycling should come of course to every citizen in Plano. Texas if they have proper resources to dispose of recycled stuffs in order to continue our environment and to “keep Plano beautiful” . To better our recycling system. the metropolis of Plano. Texas needs to supply each family with four separate recycling bins. to promote better recycling wonts and to continue our environment. The different recycling bins should be labeled as: glass. paper. plastic. and metals. The proposed alterations will be less than $ 50 per family and will assist better our environment. diminish the sum of reclaimable stuffs that end up in landfills. and supply each citizen with a sense of satisfaction cognizing that they played a portion in the beautification of our metropolis. Proven benefits of an effectual recycling system are salvaging landfill infinite. cut downing nursery gas emanations. nest eggs in energy costs. and a encouragement in the economic system.


Our recycling wonts in the metropolis of Plano. Texas are presently non every bit effectual as they could potentially be if we had a better. more thorough and organized recycling system provided by the metropolis. As a citizen of Plano. I believe we have a duty to take attention of the environment in which we live. If we do non “keep America beautiful” now. which is a popular slogan Plano is utilizing. so our sanitation and rubbish job will go excessively overpowering. out of control and beyond fix. Harmonizing to the metropolis of Plano’s Litter Prevention squad. Research and see prove that litter – knowing or unwilled pollution ensuing from consumer waste merchandises being heedlessly handled or improperly disposed – attracts more litter. A clean community. by contrast. discourages littering and raises local life criterions and quality of life ( City of Plano. 2009 ) . However. surveies have shown with proper recycling systems. the environment and everyone in it will profit from a greener life style.

Problems in our environment can be solved by presenting a better recycling plan into the mundane lives of Plano. Texas citizens. To increase the sum of rubbish which is reclaimable to be disposed of decently and out the landfills. the metropolis of Plano demands to supply each family with four separate recycling bins: glass. paper. plastic. and metals. Aims

The intent of this proposal is to bespeak a more advanced and organized recycling system from the metropolis of Plano. Texas. to “keep America beautiful” . salvage landfill infinite. cut down nursery gas emanations. salvage in energy costs. and to hike the economic system. by supplying the citizens of the community with four separate recycling bins. Background

Surveies have shown that theoretical account recycling plans with a more organized recycling system have greatly increased the sum of stuffs recovered from landfills and has greatly reduced the sums of reclaimable stuffs stoping up in landfills. Figure 1. Model Recycling Programs – Some Numbers and Descriptions ( Environmental Protection Agency. 1999 ) Record-Setting Program| # Households| % Waste Stream Recovered| Materials Recovered| Collection Strategy| Blossom Hill Estates. San Jose. California| 736| 65 % in one complex| ONP ; OCC ; OMG ; missed paper ; glass container ; tins ; juice and milk cartons ; plastic bags. bottles. and jugs ; polystyrene packaging ; scrap metals ; empty aerosol tins. fabrics ; yard trimmings| Sets of three 96-gallon recycling bins ( one for each: newspaper. assorted paper. and other recyclables ) |

East Orange. New Jersey| 6. 236| 22 % | ONP. OMG. phone books. tins ; # 1 & A ; # 2plastics. glass containers| sets of two 90-gallon carts ( paperproducts in one ; containers in theother ) . about one set per 30households| St. Paul. Minnesota| 27. 114| 23 % | ONP. OMG. OCC. phone books. mail. poster board. glass| bunchs of six 90-gallon wheeled carts ; at least one bunch for every 100households| San Jose. California| 80. 440| 25 % | ONP ; OCC ; OMG ; assorted paper ; glasscontainer ; tins ; juice and milk cartons ; plastic bags. bottles. and jugs ; polystyrene packaging ; scrap metals ; empty aerosol tins ; fabrics ; yardtrimmings| one set of three 96-gallon recyclingbins ( one for each: newspaper. mixedpaper. and other recyclables ) for every25 households|

When these communities designed such theoretical account recycling plans ( see Figure 1 ) they considered several tips: 1 ) Involve occupants in plan planning and execution. 2 ) Provide waste decrease instruction and information to new occupants when they foremost move into units. 3 ) Make engagement simple and convenient.

4 ) Encourage or honor resident engagement.
5 ) Mandate waste decrease plan handiness and engagement. 6 ) Keep careful cost and tunnage records in order to acknowledge true cost nest eggs. 7 ) Focus on retrieving stuffs with high volume and high value. 8 ) Provide feedback. Mail occupants letters and speak to them. 9 ) Accept the same stuffs and utilize a consistent sorting system for all plan participants in your community. 10 ) Produce educational stuffs in multiple linguistic communications and with simple artworks. Harmonizing to the 2010 Census study for Plano. Texas. there were 259. 841 occupants busying 76. 1 square stat mis of the metropolis. and there were 95. 445 families between 2006 and 2010 ( 2012 ) . The mean individual creates 4. 34 lbs of waste per twenty-four hours and we merely recycle and compost 1. 46 lbs of this this rubbish ( Environmental Protection Agency. 2010 ) . Therefore. 2. 88 lbs of our rubbish is traveling into the landfills. which could potentially be recycled. If 2. 88 lbs of rubbish multiplied by each occupant in Plano in 2010 ; that is a possible sum of 748. 342 lbs of excess rubbish traveling into our municipal landfill each twenty-four hours. and 273. 144. 859 lbs each twelvemonth! That is a batch of rubbish that could perchance be recycled or composted and made into something else!

“Significant sums of stuff from each class were recycled or composted in 2009. The highest recovery rates were achieved in paper and poster board. yard fixingss. and metals. We recycled more than 60 per centum of the paper and poster board we generated. About 20 million dozenss of yard fixingss were composted. stand foring about a quintuple addition since 1990. Recycling these organic stuffs entirely kept 26 per centum of MSW out of landfills” ( Environmental Protection Agency. 2010 ) . Harmonizing to calculate 2. out of 242. 96 % of the waste that was generated. merely 82. 02 % was recovered from the landfill. Therefore. merely 33. 8 % was recovered. This means that there is much room for betterment in the recovery of MSW from our municipal landfill. Data Beginnings

The information beginnings used to make this proposal came from on-line beginnings: such as authorities web sites and Ashford University’s on-line periodical database library. Scope and Restrictions
In order to better the recycling system for the metropolis of Plano. Texas. we must move with velocity and preciseness. Each citizen must make their portion and take exclusive duty for disposing of their rubbish right. If proper instruction is granted to each citizen about the betterment undertaking on how to decently dispose of their rubbish. so our landfills and environmental will certainly profit! But this must all go on really shortly before our environment and landfills are beyond fix.


Harmonizing the 2010 Census Report for Plano. Texas. there were 103. 672 families within the metropolis of Plano. Each family will have four Green Continental Curbside 14 Gallon Recycling Bins. Each bin will be labeled with a different stuff: glass. paper. plastic. or metals. Waste generated of such stuffs should be decently disposed of in their right bin. This recycled wasted will be picked up by the metropolis of Plano’s Sanitation Department and taken to their respectable topographic points to be recycled into a merchandise. Figure 3. Example of the Green Continental Curbside 14 Gallon Recycling Bin ( The Webstraunt Store. 2012 )

The metropolis of Plano will go on its on a regular basis scheduled choice up times and yearss for all reclaimable stuffs.

Materials and Equipment
The metropolis of Plano can buy the Green Continental Curbside 14 Gallon Recycling Bin from any company that sells recycling bins. Although. after seeking for the best monetary values. this peculiarly recycling bin was found at the Webstrauntstore. com for $ 11. 43 each. If four of these bins were purchased for each family. the metropolis will hold spent less than $ 50 per family. and a sum of $ 4. 739. 883. 84. The metropolis will necessitate to set their to the full automated trucks so that they will pick up these new and different sorts of bins. The cost of care on the trucks will necessitate to be determined.

If the metropolis of Plano. Texas does non better its recycling plan. hereafter of our immediate environment could confront serious effects. We could confront higher energy costs. high nursery gas emanations. no alteration in the economic system. and we could put on the line overfilling our landfill infinite. This proposal is a suggestion for a positive manner to affect the members of our community in bettering the manner we recycle and the hereafter of our environment. The current citizens will be assisting themselves and the hereafter citizens of Plano. TX.

ONP = newspaper OMG = magazines and catalogs
OCC = corrugated unlifelike MSW = Municipal Solid Waste

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