Proud to be an American-Proud to Speak English Essay

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Proud to be an American-Proud to Speak English Essay

Ladies and gentlemen. I am here to talk on the topic of our English linguistic communication and how it unites us as a people. It is non to advance patriotism or recommend political policy. but instead to convey together the people in a commonalty. It is to advance the thought that we are all neighbours. Yet it is non out of nationalism or partiality that I make the statement that all immigrants should be encouraged to larn the English linguistic communication ; it is simple pragmatism. English is the linguistic communication of scientific discipline and engineering. To cognize the English linguistic communication is to keep the key to a wealth of information non available without it.

There are over a billion web pages available in English. It is non elitism that makes me state this. but while it may be convenient for you to decline to larn English you are ‘cutting off your olfactory organ to hurt your face’ and making a ill service to your kids. However you wish to mensurate the growing of scientific find. whether by the figure of diaries. the sum of new articles published or the figure of new patents issued. they are overpoweringly in English. Do you desire your kid to larn computing machines? Teach him English ( Science Tribune 1997 ) .

And so see this. a Stanford MBA enters the work force commanding $ 165. 500 per annum. Stanford teaches their MBA campaigners merely in English. The United States has the best universities in the universe. They all speak English. For good over two centuries new reachings have come to our land. non talking a word of English. They did non inquire that we change our linguistic communication to suit them ; they understood that to be American meant to talk the linguistic communication of America. and that linguistic communication. for obvious grounds. is English. Childs were non of all time schooled in their native lingua.

They had to larn to talk English and they did it rapidly and good. They did non experience that their civil rights were violated. They did non experience put-upon. They were proud to talk the linguistic communication of a free people. They understood that when in Rome. one is expected to ‘do as the Romans. ’ Harmonizing to a 1985 survey by the Rand Corporation. 95 % of the kids of Mexican immigrants can talk English ( Bryson 1990 P 241 ) . which illustrates that kids are resilient plenty to quickly absorb English from entire submergence in the linguistic communication. Since 1906 new citizens have had to demo “the ability to read. compose and talk ordinary English.

Irish and German. Swedish and Mexican they came. proud of their old fatherland and desiring to maintain their imposts alive. This is non merely acceptable. it is critical to maintain the rich cultural heritage of diverse ethnicities alive ; but still they must encompass new imposts in this land. and the first usage is to talk our linguistic communication. Rudy Giuliani’s web site. harmonizing to CNN studies. says that he proposes that all “immigrants who want to go citizens must genuinely read. compose. and speak English and learn American civics “ ( Mooney 2007 ) .

This penchant for assimilation is still overpoweringly popular ( WSJ. com 2007 ) . A new Rasmussen canvass finds that 87 % of electors think it “very important” that people speak English in the U. S. . with four out of five Hispanics holding. And 77 % support the right of employers to hold English-only policies ( Bryson 1990 P 241 ) . At the market late I picked up a jar of mayonnaise. Printed below the word. mayonnaise. the word. mayonesa was printed.

Does Kraft believe that Hispanics can non calculate out that the white material in a jar labeled mayonnaise is really mayonesa? This is silly political correctness… non merely incorrect. but dearly-won. The monetary value of bilingual instruction and bilingual authorities offices and double printing of all authorities paperss is an unneeded disbursal that comes right out of the revenue enhancement payers’ pockets. It is merely less expensive to carry on all of the government’s concern in one linguistic communication. Immigrants who understand this but don’t attention are selfish.

They know full good that the state from whence they came would non make this. but in this state the people make the Torahs and they rapidly learn that if they squeal aloud plenty their grudge will be addressed. It is a deficiency of simple courtesy. We are one state. under God. one people. united by a common linguistic communication. We open our shores and we open our Black Marias. giving of charity and compassion to those in demand. Still there are those here who take pride in declining to larn our linguistic communication. while availing themselves of our premium and entitlements.

The disbursal of covering with them is an added load on the taxpayer who foots the measures. We do non inquire their faith ; we do non care about the colour of their tegument. so it seems but a little petition so to inquire them to larn a common linguistic communication so they can talk with us. read our Torahs and our ballots and go one of us. They came here for something better: to what advantage is it that they would now model America into some notional dream they have of their old state? They want to be American citizens ; that means talking our linguistic communication.