Reality Without Technology

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Reality Without Technology

Irvin E. Sosa Rivera

Prof. Gregory Stephens

INGL 3300 – 037

28 November 2017

Reality without Technology

Technology has been created to do the world better, but it has taken the advantage of disturbing peoples mind. The reality after Maria’s was horrible well all the advances disappear for weeks. The absence of the most powerful connection, make people desperate, anxious and reveal the real meaning of what this do. For that moment the realistic world came back, and people needed to accustom to live without this technological progress that make life easier.

The knowledge is important, but it must be well established the use that it would have. Everyone knows, that the excess of something is not healthier, well it starts destructing everything around it. Puerto Rican people has change their mind with things related to their priority, since the connection fail, they we obligated to socialize face to face with others and to recognizing that nothing is more important than being human. The anxiety that this create in people, was so extremely that the real human feelings get disclose and make them adapt to the new life without so much technology.