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Writing Exercise 6: Reflection

1.My writing experience in paper one was far better in terms of time management as well writing the overall paper. My first paper was about Peyton Manning and the components he possessed to be successful. I was writing about something I am very passionate about as well as someone whom I am a big fan of. I had taken the necessary time to finish my paper and not procrastinated to the last day to have to hurry and get the paper done and meet the requirements to do so.

My writing experience in paper two was not a good one. I wrote about the social impact that technology in the classroom causes today and this was a topic I was not as educated on as the first paper. Where I had received a fairly good grade from paper one, I assumed I could do so on paper two except this time I didn’t manage my time well. I had not taken the time needed to complete the paper without rushing through it, and this proved to be true with me receiving a lower grade than I had received on the previous paper.

2.The feedback I received on paper one was about lacking descriptive details, fixing sentences that were redundant, and fixing a misplaced modifier. This feedback allowed me to correct my wrongdoings and to have an improved final draft.