Resident Assistant Essay Sample

1 ) Interest in Position
Explain why you are interested in the RA place and what skills you possess that make you a good campaigner for the place. My involvement in a Resident Assistant place comes from my desire to assist. I was born with a really strong sense of empathy and if I see that a individual is fighting I do all that I can make to relieve them. Whether it is a individual with a learning disablement who struggled in category to the “weirdo” in high school who merely wanted a friend. I’ve been there for them. Nothing is more painful to me than seeing a individual being mistreated. under respected or neglected and I do all I can to protect people from this. My end is to do every individual feel as if they have person on their side. person rooting for them and person who cares about them.

To me. nil is more honoring than to be that someone’s “someone” . I believe that all people. no affair their yesteryears. merit this. As a Resident Assistant. I feel that my helpful nature will be put to good usage. I want to be at that place for pupils who need advice. who need a friend. who need help acquiring settled into their new lives. For many. the passage into college is non an easy one and I feel that as a Resident Assistant I can be of great support to any and all who need it. 2 ) Personal Management

If hired as a Resident Assistant. how will you equilibrate the demands of being a pupil. run intoing outlooks of the place. and keeping a societal life? If offered the place. outside of faculty members. what clip committednesss would you hold? If hired. I don’t see clip direction being a job for me. I know my duties as a pupil and an employee are a precedence and I don’t mind doing societal forfeits to run into outlooks placed on me by a professor or an employer. I am self-restraining and motivated and through these I am able to utilize my clip in a proactive and productive manner. I am really time-oriented and hate being late so I conduct myself in a manner to guarantee that all my “have to’s” are met before my “want to’s” . To maintain my life running swimmingly. I like to maintain a hebdomadal “Priority List” .

My list consists of all the undertakings I need to finish that hebdomad by order of their urgency. By maintaining a agenda of what I need to carry through I am able to optimise my clip in a manner so that I can carry through my duties in a timely mode. Even with my vigorous work-ethic. I do believe that personal and societal clip is a necessity every bit good. I do non fear that a committedness to being a Resident Assistant will impede my personal and societal duties so greatly that it would discourage my involvement in the place. 3 ) Leadership

Talk about the importance of taking by illustration. Give an illustration of a function theoretical account in your life and why they are that individual for you. Bing the oldest of 3 girls. I have ever held the duty of puting a good illustration for my younger sisters. I believe that the manner I can be most influential in impacting the manner my sisters live their lives by demoing them through actions how I chose to populate mine. I chose to take an model life with the hope that in making so my sisters will larn how to populate theirs. Leading by illustration is one manner of demoing that actions speak louder than words. If I live laudably. so others will be more likely to follow my illustration so that is what I have ever tried to make.

Turning up. my function theoretical account was my older cousin Brittany. Brittany was a “straight A” pupil. a member of The National Honor Society. a varsity member of her high school’s dive squad. she was beautiful and stylish. she had a truly cunning fellow. she was confident in her abilities. she had a million friends and a great relationship with her female parent and male parent. Peoples of course flock to Brittany like a magnet. To me she could make nil incorrect. I thought that Brittany had known some charming secret to life that allowed her to make such success in all facets of her life. I purposefully chose to populate like she did by being faithful to my duties and by being friendly. unfastened and honest. Looking back on the impact Brittany had on determining my life. I hope to be that to person else. By populating my life deliberately. I hope that others will follow suit. 4 ) Community Development

What is the importance of community? Please speak about your experience with working with diverse groups of people and how you interact with others that are different from you in a community puting. Community is the difference between being and belonging. It is merely excessively easy to merely be a portion of a group. but to experience like you belong to the group is far more meaningful. You can travel to the meetings and know everyone’s names but none of that means anything if you don’t experience that you are a important constituent in a group. To be a portion of a community means that you are a portion of group where inclusion. support and friendly relationship are highly-regarded. The beauty about community is that everyone has their ain gifts. endowments. sentiments and experiences to offer to it. hence doing each member valuable.

As a Resident Assistant. I intend to make an inclusive community in which each individual is accepted and encouraged regardless of race. gender. faith. sexual-orientation or ability. By advancing diverseness in my community. I hope that everyone additions a sense of belonging. In my community. I will hold an unfastened head and tolerant attitude and will promote my occupants to make the same. Because understanding that no two occupants are the same. I will carry on myself through equity. I will seek to larn about my occupants separately so if the of all time necessitate my aid. I know how to successfully help them. For illustration. I can non help an introvert the same manner I would an extravert and expect the same method to work on both. I understand that “one size doesn’t tantrum all” and I plan on being sensitive to individualism so my occupants experience every bit comfy as possible in their new community. 5 ) Making Relationships

How make you be after to construct personal relationships with all of your occupants? ( Please supply specific illustrations of ways you intend to make this ) . Why are these relationships of import? Encouraging and set uping relationships with my occupants will be my chief precedence if hired as a Resident Assistant. My greatest hope is that my occupants will experience welcome to UNC. I believe that my occupants will profit really much from relationships with their fellow occupants and with myself and my end is to advance the formation of these relationships. By organizing relationships with the people who live with and around them. my occupants will hold an enriched experience at UNC because they know they can ever trust on their friends when life gets tough. If they become home-sick. if they need help analyzing. if they need person to take their head of their emphasiss these relationships will turn out to be critical.

I wish that no affair what they are fighting with. my occupants ne’er feel entirely but alternatively feel like they are a alone and of import member of a community. I plan to hold a monthly ( or by-weekly ) event called “Cafe RA” where my occupants can run into and mix with myself and their neighbours for a few hours on a Sunday forenoon over hot cocoa. java and breakfast dainties. I hope this will promote my occupants to organize permanent relationships with myself and their neighbours that will assist them experience like they belong. 6 ) Teamwork

Please speak about your experience with working in a squad. Why is it of import to work with others and how would you interact with your fellow staff members? My last occupation was at a preschool where I was employed as a Teacher’s Aide. I worked in Green Room with three instructors and two other Plutos. Green Room was one of five suites in the installation and every room had their ain set of instructors and Plutos. Teamwork was exercised every twenty-four hours by all staff members. Coordination. communicating and support between the staff were important to its success. The school accommodated around 200 childs each twenty-four hours during the summer and the school was so little it could hardly keep everyone. With so many childs and so small capacity. coordination between the suites was a delicate reconciliation act. No 1 would make anything without acquiring consent from their fellow staff members to guarantee that everyone’s demands were met.

In order to be a successful member of staff. you truly needed to hold a teamwork outlook. My experience at the preschool helped me get this. I learned the importance of communicating for one. but I besides learned what it means to be a member of a squad. As a member of a squad. everyone must hold the same end. Some members of the squad may seek to make the end in a manner that you don’t agree with. but it doesn’t mean they are incorrect. Sometimes a teammate must do forfeits in order to profit the well-being of the squad and non because they know they will be compensated for it but because they know it is good for the corporate good. Besides I learned the importance of regard of teammates. All members of the squad can make their common end if teammates were respectful and gracious to each other and ne’er wavered in their mission. Teamwork is so. so of import because alone we can non make nigh every bit much as we could make when we work together.

7 ) Departmental Valuess
Expression at the six values of the section of Housing & A ; Residential Education. Please pick one and depict why it is of import in the Resident Assistant place. If hired as a Resident Assistant. my precedence will to advance an inclusive community. My passage into college was blissfully easy thanks to my fantastic Resident Assistant and my fellow occupants. I instantly felt of import and welcome. I fell in love with this university. and I give full recognition to my community for that. Because of the friendly and inclusive community I was given. my experience at UNC was made perfect. I want more than anything for my hereafter occupants to hold a similar experience. I wish they could see all the good that this topographic point as to offer and I feel that I could truly assist them in happening it.

I truly care about my hereafters occupants experiences here. I feel that a batch of times Resident Assistants acquire bad reputes because they focus excessively much of policy enforcing ( which is a feature of the place that should non be overlooked. but should non be the focal point ) . I feel that Resident Assistants have great possible to act upon their resident’s lives and that can non be put to good usage if they are merely concerned with whether or non their occupants are following the regulations. I plan on making an environment of attention. support. and mutual-respect. I believe it is though community edifice that my resident’s lives will be meaningfully influenced.

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