Resistance to Change

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Resistance to Change

Resistance to Organizational Change


  • What does the article set out to do?
  • A research paper that identifies findings that guidance in addressing resistance to Organizational changes initiative
  • Target audience: Organizational change agents and managers
  • What is resistance?

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What is resistance?

When people exhibits negative behavior, thoughts and feelings that affects the Organizational change initiative

Negative behaviors like

Putting in minimum efforts

Not actively cooporating

Not teaching the employee well enough about the change

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How do individual personality differences influence resistance to organizational change?

  • The bad
  • People who are negative, short-term focus not really open to new things or changes are predictable to create more resistance to changes
  • The good
  • People who are optimistic/ good self esteem/ confident/ willing to take risk are more open to change aka lesser resistance
  • Studies also shown that individual success in coping with organization changes have a better chance in succeeding in their career
  • However, they might be a case that people will just accommodate a chance regardless they like it /agree or not the change

Key concerns of individuals to changes        

  • Why people are afraid of change in Organization
  • Afraid of changes in their
  • job roles
  • Status
  • Job security
  • Salary cut
  • Changes that doesn’t fit organization values and norms

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Affective reactions to the change

  • How people feels about the change
  • Elation
  • Enthusiams
  • Apprehension
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Fear

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