Royal Caribbean Cruises Essay Sample

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is a planetary sail holiday company that operates Royal Caribbean International. Celebrity Cruises. Pullmantur and Azamara Cruises. The company has a combined sum of 35 ships in service and seven under building. It besides offers alone land-tour holidaies in Alaska. Asia. Australia. Canada. Europe. Latin America and New Zealand.

Since the company was founded in 1968. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has become a pillar in the travel universe. Based in Miami. Florida. the company is known for puting the criterion in sail holidaies with its advanced onboard comfortss. They compete chiefly on the footing of invention and quality of ships. quality of service. assortment of paths. pick of finishs and monetary value. They believe that their committedness to construct state-of-the-art ships and to put in the care and revival of the fleet to. among other things. integrate the latest signature inventions. allows them to go on to pull new and loyal repetition invitees and spread out into turning international markets and provides them with the flexibleness to deploy ships among their trade name portfolio.

Its committedness to innovation extends to information engineering. Evidence of IT can be seen shipboard—for case. with bow-to-stern radio webs. synergistic digital signage. and real-time eating house handiness tracking on late launched ships—as good as shore side. where IT is used to assist invitees plan cruise activities in progress of their trip. and employees rely on the latest engineerings to execute day-to-day concern operations.


* To discourse the growing and enlargement schemes adopted by Royal Caribbean against the background of some major jobs and challenges faced by the company. * To plan better sail experience than their top rival. Carnival. * To cut down cost and at the same clip continually turning gross. * Improve competitory place with regard to the quality and invention of on-board merchandise and state-of-the-art sail ships.

Though RCCL is the top pioneer when it comes to the cruising industry. they still lack a important market portion compared to their rival. They must see other agencies of bettering their selling strategy despite of their fiscal defects. Likewise. the company must believe of ways of how to cut down disbursals while continually being profitable. III. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION ( SWOT ANALYSIS )

* Newer ships are faster and more energy efficient
* Strong trade name acknowledgment
* 60-65 per centum riders are returning clients intending a high keeping rate * Big inventions in the market – implement new amusement and activities onboard ( e. g. Rock mounting walls. surfboarding pools. etc. ) WEAKNESSES

* Not plenty positions to suit their 103 per centum tenancy rate
* Spent $ 97. 9 million on advertizement in 2002
* Selling: Merely 35 per centum are first clip riders
* Lacks important market portion in comparing with their top rival: Carnival OPPORTUNITIES
* Increase figure of ships
* Buy out smaller rivals
* Demand for sails has increased and is predicted to go on to increase
* Provide more comfortss to suit greater client demographic THREATS
* Increase in oil monetary values
* Customer outlooks are continually turning
* Severe conditions
* Carnival is anticipating to transport more canvass than of RCCL


1. RCCL needs to horizontally incorporate.
2. Look for possible investors.
3. Decrease the budget for inventions and the said sum to be allotted for selling and promoting intents.

I therefore conclude that the best solution to the job is alternate class of action figure 1. RCCL needs to horizontally incorporate. Horizontal integrating is a scheme used by a concern or corporation that seeks to sell a type of merchandise in legion markets. RCCL must besides put aside a friendly suited budget for their selling attack to avoid fiscal failure and to maximise the staying assets for more company alterations. The end of horizontal integrating is to consolidate like companies and monopolise an industry which means that RCCL can get down to vie with Carnival. VI. POTENTIAL PROBLEM

1. What if fuel often increases in monetary value?
2. What if the safety of riders is non secured because of the company’s new amusement and activities on board? 3. What if terrible conditions status work stoppages to the land-tours of the sail?


1. Look for possible fuel provider that can supply much low-cost monetary value. 2. The company must take a firm stand on affecting their amusement machines into several tests before stick oning it on the sail to avoid seting their riders in hazard in the center of the sea. 3. Extra land-tours must be initiated specifically in tropical countries. This manner we can include others picks of tour holidaies for our clients and non merely supplying them in chilly localities.

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