Sagrada Pastelaria

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Sagrada Pastelaria


                                             BS ENTREPRENEURSHIP


Our Vision

Sagrada Cupcake  will be living proof that caring, integrity, hard work and innovation at all levels create success. And the taste of life will be shown thru the TASTE of Sagrada Cupcake

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance our customers’ business. We will do this by providing the highest quality bakery products and the best possible services to the food industry. We will continuously improve all aspects of our business in order to sustain the long-term success of our customers and ourselves.


  • The innovative creation of pastries that looks expensive and high-class cupcakes but cheap price
  • Making a relaxing and having a good ambiance pastry shop in the community
  • Good Merienda items at a reasonable price



  1. Name of the Business:         “SAGRADA PASTELARIA” 

Our business is about bread and pastry. The reason why I conceptualized my project/product to sound alluring and unique. Hence, the name,  Sagrada Pastelaria. It is a Portugese language which means “Pastry Style”.  Estilo or Y’stilo as Style  and Sagrada is all about the elegance of the said product

Location of the Business:`        118 14 St. New Kalalake Olongapo City

Brief Description of Sagrada Pastelaria

                The objectives in starting this business possible is to market a kind of Product that not just Classy but also Elegant. This kind of Product usually tends to be Convenient and worth Buying for the customers, that’s why they made. I decided to put some twist and make it more Exciting to visit. my business may be look extortionate and pricey but it’ll be worth it.

Type of  Business

Sagrada Pastelaria is a Partnership Business 

Products and Services

Sagrada Pastelaria sells desserts and pastas with customer service in a decent and home whelming atmosphere .  Customers can dine-in and watch the chef create their dessert.  We also offer Events Pastry Designing . Everyone can come it is more like a variety of Fun and Excitement with a matching Good taste.


Marketing Plan

        The market projection of this business constructed from all the informations gathered around the area of 14th Street . We conducted the projection for the first five years by the sales , Market acceptability and capability to supply resources. This Business is reasonable because people are willing to consume our products and to benefit our services. We can also review  some factors like the prices of the competitors and the  sources of the supply and how they affect the project.