Same Sex Marriages By Definition, It Cannot Exist

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Same Sex Marriages By Definition, It Cannot Exist

What is marriage? This word has different meanings for different people.

To some marriage means a commitment between two people in holy matrimony, or
religious marriage. To others it is just a legal contract between two people,
or civil marriage. In actuality there is only one definition for a marriage.

According to Websters Dictionary, a marriage is a state of living together as
husband and wife joined in wedlock. Webster also identifies a husband as a man
and a wife as a woman. Same sex marriages are morally and ethically wrong, and
they are also impossible to occur (according to our modern language). Same sex
marriages, even though inappropriate, can be solved without upsetting both sides
of the scale.

Many same sex marriage supporters argue, “Why does every legal and
political issue always have to be complicated by making it a moral and ethical
question?” If there were no morals or ethics in government, society as we know
it could not exist. It is unthinkable how someone can make this point.If
these people had some logic and thoughtfulness in their minds as well as in
their hearts, they would not be making these ridiculous comments. Arguments of
this type are the cause of crime and poverty in our country. People don’t know
the difference between right and wrong.

Children need a mother and a father to teach family values and the
difference between right and wrong. The world would be a much better place if
everyone had a parent or a teacher to show the them the proper path.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. If more of society would put a priority on
their children and their future, there could be fewer problems faced by the
community as a whole.If no one takes into account morals and ethics into
their decision making, these deplorable situations could lead to a catastrophe.

If no one has any morals or ethics, this great nation would come to its decline.

If no one has any morals or ethics, not even the world’s most powerful military
will be able stop the catastrophe. The argument against this point, raised by
the supporters, is the question of divorced parents and single parents.

According to religious philosophy, single parenting is also an improper system
for rising children. If someone else is jumping of a bridge, then why shouldn’t
everyone else. One improper task does not give permission for another. This is
just another of many illogical points made by the supporters.

The purpose of marriage is not only for companionship and personal and
financial support.The purpose of marriage, ultimately, is for procreation,
and gay couples cannot procreate. Same sex marriage supporters argue infertile
couples and couples who use birth control methods to prevent conception are
allowed to marry. As far as infertile couples are concerned, that is something
beyond their control. They can not procreate because they have no choice.

Whereas homosexuals are able to procreate, with the opposite sex, but choose not
to. In regard to birth control, it is also religiously inappropriate. The same
thing applies here, as it did with the single parent issue. One improper task
does not give permission for another. The supporters have an irrational belief
that two wrongs do make a right, whereas they do not.

What is the solution to all this nonsense? There are valid points made
on the other side of this coin and there is a simple solution. Domestic
Partnerships, which are already in use in Denmark and Norway, is the answer,
but it is not marriage. The supporters main itch comes from the benefits of
being married. The government and certain businesses in society give an
advantage to those who do not carry the single status. The marital status shows
commitment and responsibility in a person. These advantages include insurance
benefits, hospital visitation rights, inheritance rights, wrongful death
benefits, child support and alimony, and some others.1 A domestic partnership
can be the legal contract, which they confuse with marriage, that can give
immoral and unethical persons the benefits they deserve as citizens of this
nation. Domestic Partnerships is not another word for marriage, and it should
not be confused with marriage. Domestic Partnership is a civil or legal
contract with no purpose b ut to gain certain benefits. Marriage is holy
matrimony with the purpose of companionship, personal support, and procreation.

One may not agree with the thinking and ideas of others, but everyone deserves
equal treatment under the law. Domestic Partnerships have already been proven
successful in other nations, and it can be successful in this one.

In conclusion, besides same sex marriages being immoral and unethical,
they are not logically possible. If immorality continues through thin skulls,
the supporters, it could lead to disaster for the entire nation. Domestic
Partnerships are what same sex marriage supporters really want. They just don’t
know the real meaning of marriage. Marriage is a state of living together as
husband, man, and wife, woman, joined in wedlock. They can make all the
emotional excuses and interpretations they want, but when logic comes into the
picture, there really is no argument. This is a moral issue, not a legal one!
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