“Schizophrenia” By Jim Stevens Essay

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“Schizophrenia” By Jim Stevens Essay

“Schizophrenia” by Jim Stevens is a verse form picturing the manner a schizophrenic person’s encephalon plants. In the first line of the verse form Jim Stevens says “It was the house that suffered the most” . Although he is utilizing the visual image of a house. I believe that he is truly merely utilizing imagination to portray a human. I believe that each stanza portrays a different symptom of Schizophrenia. Through my surveies of this verse form. I was unable to happen any certification of the poet. Jim Stevens ; hence I was unable to measure his life and his concluding behind composing this verse form. Because of this I have had to do my ain premise that Jim Stevens might be composing this verse form about himself. His deficiency of publication leaves a instead eerie air to the verse form. All I found was strictly guesss. of what the verse form could intend or why it was written. no confidence. The 2nd stanza Tells of banging doors. angry pess. and banging dishes. This portrays the behaviour of a schizophrenic individual. It is foolhardy for no ground. This is a symptom called “catatonia” CITATION Psy14 l 1033 ( Psych Central ) . which is when the topic moves overly and has violent behaviour.

The greasy stains distributing on the fabric is imagery for disease spreading over the organic structure. “Certain doors were locked at dark. pess stood for hours outside them” this depicts paranoia ; this is another symptom of Schizophrenia. Many people will hold psychotic beliefs that there are other people around ; therefore the author felt that he needed to lock the doors in order to maintain people out. He believed that people stood outside for hours. “Dishes were left common ; the fabric disappeared under a hard-boiled crust. ” Many people with schizophrenic disorder are non concerned with their hygiene or their ain good being CITATION Psy14 l 1033 ( Psych Central ) . The author didn’t attention about his place being clean or even the province of his place in general. “The house came to lose the cheering voices. the menaces. the half-apologizes. noisy resettlements. the sobbing that followed” . The author is giving into the mental instability. he is non contending it any longer. and he’s allowing it take over.

I believe that the author is going so consumed with his disease that he is excessively weak to contend back. “Then lines were drawn. boundary lines established. some suites declared their truenesss. maintaining to themselves. maintaining out the other” . The word schizophrenic disorder in Latin is broken up to ( skhizein ) and ( phren ) which literally means ‘to split’ the ‘mind’ CITATION Oxf14 l 1033 ( Oxford Dictionaries ) . These lines signify the boundary lines being drawn. the head dividing up into two. Each portion of the head is taking its side and remaining at that place. In line 15 it says “the house divided against itself” . I believe this is straight related to the first line where it says “it was the house that suffered the most” . The writer is showing how the head will divide into two or more witting personalities or “thoughts” . The house indispensable divided against itself going two different sides. The 5th stanza is physically picturing a individual with Schizophrenia.

“Seeing checking pigment. broken Windowss. the front door banging in the air current. the roof tiles winging of. one by one” . each one of these visuals shows us a different physical property of schizophrenic disorder. I think this signifies frail checking custodies. bloodshot eyes. a babble oral cavity. and thinning hair that easy falls out. Each of these is common symptoms of schizophrenic disorder and I believe this is what the writer is seeking to acquire across. It is an extension of deficiency of hygiene and physical well being. The last two lines are in my sentiment. the strongest. “the neighbours said it was a Bedlam. it was the house that suffered most” . Alternatively of literally naming the house mad. the writer is seeking to state us that the “neighbors” don’t really understand what goes on inside the house. They merely say they are “mad” without really understanding what is go oning inside the individual. I think he is seeking to do us see that it is non ever as it seems on the exterior. that there is more traveling on interior.

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